Thursday, 20 November 2014

Afternoon Tea With The Children - A Rainy Day Treat

The boys spent half term at home with Daddy. They always think having daddy at home in the holidays is an extra special treat and call it their “boys days”.

I have Fridays off so we managed to grab an extra long weekend with all of us together. I knew the boys had had lots of fun all week with daddy and that the cost of entertaining them soon adds up so I wanted to plan some low cost treats to do on my day off with them.

I love going out for afternoon tea. I am not sure that I would love it quite as much if you added two children into the mix though. Part of the enjoyment is the laid back laziness of sitting around drinking tea, reading your book or chatting with your friends. I doubt it would feel quite as indulgent if I was having to watch and entertain the children.

 So, I decided to throw an afternoon tea at home. We made cakes together. Mr C made some sandwiches and we laid out a cake stand, food, cake, tea, milkshake for the boys and all sat down to share it together.

 (If you do not have a cake stand then invert a glass on a dinner plate and rest a side plate on top, voila, an instant cake stand)

The boys thought it was the “best lunch ever” and were very taken with the whole thing.

It made me feel grateful that they appreciated such a simple idea and given how easy it was I think it will have to be repeated again soon.

 It is a great, quick and low cost way of entertaining the children on a cold/wet day. With the baking, eating and chatting you can fill several hours with it all.

I cant wait to plan our next afternoon tea and try out some new recipes with the children.

What would be your perfect afternoon tea treats? 

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