Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Dear Munchie (The Stroppy 3 Year Old Edition)

Dear Munchie,

You will always be my beautiful little boy and I know what love you have inside you but my oh my what confidence and stubbornness you possess. 

I fear we are far too alike and this lies at the root of many of our clashes. You are most certainly your own little person and not at all like your big brother. You have your own thoughts on what you want to do and if mine do not fit with your plans then it does not matter what the consequences are you will not budge.

Unlike the comments of the lady in Tesco recently, you are not a handful nor are you naughty. You are testing your boundaries and us though.

You understand the behaviour that is expected from you. You know the consequences if you do something you are not allowed to. You just do not give a hoot!

Some of the things that have made you cross:
  • Being asked to get dressed, 
  • Being asked to get undressed, 
  • Having to go in the shower, 
  • Having to put your shoes on, 
  • Reaching the end of your time limit of TV, 
  • Not being allowed to live on pasta and crumpets for every meal, 
  • Being told it is bedtime, 
  • Jigsaw puzzle pieces not fitting where you want to put them
  • Going to nursery 
Some are easily fixed, some are just non negotiable.  You have an answer for everything. Every consequence I set out to you, you have something you will do in return. On these days you will call black white and nothing I say will change your mind.

Meal times are a constant battle at the minute. Foods you ate yesterday are not necessarily going to be acceptable today. There is little consistency in your refusals and I am not prepared to make separate meals to the family meal being served.

I do not know where you have learnt it but you have mastered the art of stamping your feet, crossing your arms and generally huffing around to make it clear to all in your vicinity that you are not happy.

One minute you declare me the best mummy in the world and your “bestest” friend and then the wind changes and you announce you are not my best friend any more.

You huff and you puff and tell me you are going to your room (ooh that one really shows me!)

I know you do not mean it. I know you are just pushing and testing to see if I push back.

Some days are lovely and I wonder if I imagined our tense stand-offs the day before. Other days I have to step away and hand the reins over to daddy.

I am learning that the more time I can spend with you, the less commitments I have on our days together leads to much better time with you and a much more cooperative you. Sadly this isn't always possible.

I must remember you are only 3. It is just a phase. It will pass and we will still be there for each other when we come out the other side.

No matter how cross you get with me and whether you are my friend or not it is ok. I am here, I am your mummy and I will always be your friend.

Love Mummy

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