Sunday, 14 December 2014

Why We Want To Be A Mark Warner Mum & Family

Mark Warner are recruiting for their parent blog ambassadors for 2015. After the boys first taste of a summer holiday abroad last year I know they would be thrilled to be invited somewhere warm again. 

So here is why we would love to be a Mark Warner Mum and a Mark Warner Family.

So, who are we all? 

First there is me, Snaffles Mummy. I am slightly over 30 (although still occasionally get asked for ID so that feels like an epic win!).

I seem to spend most of my time either at work or attached to one or both of the children. My day off is spent on housework, playgroup and crafting or baking with the children. We like to cut, stick, make cookies and have silly fun. Then daddy comes home from work and then the play fighting and crazy loud typical boy games begin. I am fairly certain that days off are supposed to be less tiring than ones at work but I am yet to discover the art to this. 

When I do get some peace and quiet is it spent with my head in a book or my crochet bag. 

Weekends and days off are spent with family time. Bikes rides, football, walks on the beach and basically anything that will burn off some of the boys endless supply of energy. 

Oh, and I really really hate flying. Like stand on the tarmac and sob kind of hate. Getting on a plane needs to be really really worth it. Whatever is waiting at the other end for me needs to make the ordeal of flying worth it. Time with my family will get me on a plane. I could never fly for business related reasons. The incentive to get on the plane just wouldn't sway it.

Then there is Mr C. A smidgen older than me (as I like to remind him), music, film and general knowledge geek and handy to have on your pub quiz team. What he knows in general knowledge more than makes up for my total lack thereof.

Every moment of his free time is taken up by the boys. They totally idolise each other and he is just a big a kid as they are. Constantly planning their next big adventure together I am far outnumbered and seem to get swept along in the excitement and the need to spend my time with them. Not many people would have got me camping but this giddy trio have had me in a tent on several occasions now.

He is also my flying hero. He may mock and laugh at me in the weeks leading up to the flight but I know that on the day he will look after the children, try and distract me and at crunch time let me squeeze the life out of his hand. 

On the child front there is Snaffles, aged 7 (almost 8 if you ask him). For a skinny little beansprout he sure can eat! He is on the go from morning until dusk, the only times he sits still are when there is food or a book in front of him. 

He loved our last summer holiday, although I didn't see much of his cheeky face. He spent most of his days underwater, occasionally surfacing for food. 

Laid back and outgoing he likes, well pretty much anything really. Bikes, scooters, football, running, swimming. Provided it is sporty, energetic and ideally outdoors he is happy. However if he can't get outdoors he will soon invent some game or another that will have him tearing around like a whirling dervish. 

He is also an areoplane fact geek. Once read, never forgotten when when faced with a plane his well stored facts come flooding out of his little mouth. Want to know what I don't want to hear when I am a petrified mess boarding a plane? FLIGHT FACTS! size, weight, height, flight speeds I really really don't want to hear it. Now try nicely explaining that to a 7 year old! 

Last but not least, and certainly not capable of being forgotten is Munchie. Aged 3.5 you cant miss this little monkey. He is louder, faster and tougher than his big brother. He knows his own mind when he thinks he is capable of doing something you better be willing to sit and wait for him to achieve it on his own. 

He is not one to let a 4 year age gap get in the way of him and his big brother. If Snaffles can do it then so can he. (unless it is up somewhere really high or if there might be monsters involved).

He plays hard. Really hard. The only thing that will stand in the way of the next adventure is.......

SLEEP. He will literally crash and burn. Areoplanes, coaches, sun loungers, dinner tables. When you need to sleep you need to sleep. Not even a meal (with ice cream) can distract this little man from a little snooze. He can still be talking to you when he nods off.

So, despite my fear of flying here we are applying to join the Mark Warner Ambassadors for 2015, because family and fun are worth facing a few fears for. 

All four of us would love to join the Mark Warner Ambassadors for 2015 and share our holiday adventures with our readers. 

Silent Sunday

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