Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Ta Da... Quite Contrary Wrap #2

There are not many crochet projects/patterns that I ever make more than once. It is no reflection on the pattern, more that there are so many items I want to make and so little time to make them in. 

However, Sandra Cherry Hearts Quite Contrary Wrap is one I could repeat until the end of time. 

After making it in a beautiful silvery grey originally I was now tempted to make it again but in multiple colours. I was really unsure as to how the pattern would work, part of the original pattern that pulled me in was how the same colour wool throughout pulled the three distinct pattern sections together into one shawl.

However, after some careful colour consideration and much playing around with colour ordering I decided that the only real way to find out if the pattern would work as well with multiple colours was to jump straight in and try it. 

This second shawl was made with a lovely friend in mind as a birthday gift. 

Here is the finished item. I love how well the colours work together and think the darker edging helps pull the colours together and frame the shawl. Bad colour choices or ordering could make or break this I think.

This was made using Rico Design Essentials Merino DK in shades 01 (rose) 13 (cardinal) and 20 (mauve). The Rico Merino is such a beautifully soft yarn. Perfect for this project. 

This was possibly the hardest project I have ever had to part with. Alas, I can not keeep every item I make and it is nice to share the hooky love now and again. 

Working with more than one colour on this did challenge my OCD and the pattern did need a little re-jigging to accommodate the colour changes. I also had a little tinker with the ordering of the sections so whilst it is the same pattern as my previous shawl the overall effect is very different.

Just as one shawl finishes another begins. A rather lovely lady I know through the WI spied my shawl hung up at home and has asked for a black version when I can get around to it. I guess shawl number 3 will grace the blog in the hopefully not too distant future. 

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