Friday, 31 October 2014

Multiplying Hexis

My teeny tiny hexi’s have multiplied. I have 85 of the little beautiful hexi’s all waiting to join each other in a little happy dance of patchwork.  They are destined to become a cushion cover. I do not know for where but a cushion cover they will be!

Oh how I have drooled over them. It is rather amazing how many hours you can while away pondering over hexagon combinations. You can also guarantee that despite much pondering you will change your mind time and time again.

I must admit that I am finding the joining rather more fiddly than I had hoped. The basting of the hexi’s seems to lure you into a false sense of ease at the whole project.

The sewing isn't perfect, but I am glad I have attempted them and will see it through until the end. It is nice to try new things and gain new skills.

I also have a confession to make. You remember the urge to pick the scab –aka remove the paper templates? Well I gave in and removed the middle paper pieces. Whilst I wish I had the will power to wait and remove them all at once at the end, the urge was too much. It was worth it though, very satisfying.

I am still amazed that a little patch of paper can turn these bits of fabric into hexagons, I wasn't sold on it actually working. 

I can already see how addictive this may become. I saw a beautiful patchwork Minecraft cushion made by Kelly from A Place Of My Own and I think I know a little boy who would love one. I wonder if I could fit in another project before Christmas?

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