Monday, 8 February 2016

Five Things

One of my favorite bloggers, Muddling Along Mummy  has been rather sporadic of late (a bit like me) but is making a renewed effort to make more time for her blog. I have suggested she brings back a feature that used to cheer me up and give me new things to hunt down, 5 lovely little things. 

To try and encourage her to bring this back I thought I would inspire with some of my own lovely little things. 

It seems that lovely little things to me mainly revolve around food. 

1. Tesco have a new thing where they are offering a free piece of fruit for children to eat as their parents shop. I am loving this. When I nip to Tesco it is usually straight after school, the boys are tired and hungry and I get conned into buying rubbish or having to listen to them moan as we shop. This is a great healthy distraction for them. Well done Tesco.

PS: He really does eat fruit. His miserable face is because he wants the pre packaged apple slices not the free apple. Heaven forbid he has to chew his own apple! 

2. Scones. What is not to love about scones. Within 30 minutes you can have these warm plates of joy to later with your topping of choice. My go to recipe is from my Bero book. However, I do like to add a dash of lemon juice to the milk to turn it into a buttermilk substitute. If you don't have a Bero book then try this BBC recipe instead. Its all about the rolling. Less is more. Leave those scone rounds nice and thick. 

3. One Pot Spaghetti. One pot anything is always a winner in my book, less effort and less mess to clean up. This one pot spaghetti is becoming my favorite after school meal for nights when I am not feeding my fussy non pasta eating husband. The boys are not the biggest fans, they want the lemon and tomato leaving out which really does not leave much by way of flavor.

4. Baked Camembert. After seeing similar made at a Pampered Chef party with Camembert and a french stick I have attempted my own version with a packet of bread mix. A chilli bread mix and a Camembert cost me just under £1.50 in Aldi. That is a pretty awesome starter for only £1.50. I make the bread
 mix up as per the packet insructions, roll it into small balls and surround my camambert with them. By the time the buns have cooked the cheese is melted and gooey and perfect. 

5. Electronics Kit. (Just to show you that I am not entirely about the food). Snaffles got an electronics kit for Christmas but both boys have had great fun playing with it. It keeps then quiet for hours and I am loving watching them work away trying to get the circuits to work. 

Look how happy his little brother is when he makes a complete circuit.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

And then you were Nine

Dear Snaffles,

Happy ninth birthday. It is that time of year again when I can not really believe that you are another year older. Eight years old seems to have flown by at light speed.  

The last year seems to have tested you with a lot of decisions and behaviour which has shown me that you are older and wiser than I sometimes realise. 

It is easy to try and contain you within the same expectations of your younger brother. Remembering to cut you a bit more slack than him is hard sometimes. 

I am fairly certain the last year has been filled with a lot of hormones. Some days have been very testing. 

You like Lego, Starwars, Minecraft, Match Attax and Swimming.

Here are nine new things you have done this year; 

1. You joined a competitive swimming squad. 

2. You can now bike over 10 miles. 

3. You went on the Eurostar for the first time. 

4. You now like some seriously spicy foods. 

5. You chose Christmas gifts for family members by yourself. 

6. You started to walk small distances without an adult, just to the postbox and back. 

7. You started to ask for music CDs 

8. I had to start sending you into public changing rooms alone (wow you can really take a long time to get changed!)

9. You discovered Match of the Day. 

Happy Birthday our handsome young man.

I am still rather impressed that I have raised a child this far without too much major incident. 

We love you to the moon and back.

Love from Mummy & Daddy

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Birthday preparations

Snaffles birthday is looming around the corner. I have plans every evening this week and it feels like there is much to do before his birthday at the weekend. 

I am full of ideas of things to do and get ready for his birthday and I end up running myself into an exhausted heap by the special day. 

Tonight I have decided I need to step back and stop making life so difficult.

He has said he doesn't want a themed cake and yet I still sit looking at how to make a football pitch cake or other bright ideas. I don't have time to shop for the ingredients nor time to actually make it. Instead I have now decided that if he's not bothered why should I be?

He just wants a chocolate cake and now thanks to Betty Crocker that is what he shall have. 

I have tried to use the snippet of time I had between plans tonight to get his gifts wrapped and then the cake can be baked around the school run on Friday. 

At least now we have gift, paper, card and cake.

Why do I make life so difficult for myself. Am I alone in this? 

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

One boy and his bike

Look how happy this little face is. 

One little boy and one new Christmas bike makes for a very happy little thing that wants to go out on repeated bike rides. 

He is much faster now he has a bigger bike and walking and keeping up with him is no longer possible. 

I took him to a go ride bike club at the weekend and he loved it. 

They practiced turning, steering around comes, how to bike faster safely and standing up riding. 

He enjoyed it way more than I enjoyed 90 minutes sat on a wooden bench in a cold sports hall. It could have been worse though, I didn't wonder if it was outside. 

His big brother has a birthday later this week and I suspect even more bike rides will be requested. 

I can't wait to get out together on our bikes. They had grown so much this summer that their old bikes were a bit unusable really. 

Friday, 22 January 2016

How Not To Greet Your Child From School

There are some parts of parenting that you either do well or you don't. The school run is one of these and I fall into the "don't" camp. 

I forget book fayes and coffee mornings, I  am usually the one just getting to school as others are leaving and I don't have a group of mums to stand chatting with. 

Other parents seem to manage to arrive early, have thought in advance and brought scooters, snacks and anything else possible to bribe children into getting home in a timely and well behaved manner. 

In case you don't believe me and want to see the effect I have when collecting my children then here it is. 

This is what happens when you remind your 4 year old son that Friday's are swimming lesson day. Not a happy boy! 

Apparently swimming lessons are boring, they take all day! (30 minutes) and they are stupid.  

Why oh why did I have to remind him it was Friday?

Unfortunately I am a very unsympathetic mummy. Swimming is an essential life skill in my view and there isn't much that will excuse you from your weekly lesson. If you want to quit when you can swim then fine but until then he might as well get used to it!