Friday, 30 January 2015

And Then You Were Eight...

Dear Snaffles,

Happy EIGHTH birthday. It is that time of year again when I can not really believe that you are another year older and I again feel very old when realising you are now eight years old. 

This is the little 7 year old you were this time last year. 

And this is you this morning,

 The leap from 7 to 8 feels like a huge one. You have moved up to junior school and with it has arrived a lot more independence. You are more sure of yourself, have opinions and seem to be mastering the art of huffing and eye rolling far too early for my liking.

You like Lego, areoplanes, Starwars, Minecraft and Swimming.

I am usually rather amazed that you have lasted another year but I did kind of let you get a bit broken this year. You were very brave though and didn't let your few weeks in pot stop you having fun. 

Here are eight things all about you;

1.     You are Munchies idol. If you don’t like something then neither does he. He misses when you are at school and wants to sleep in your bedroom when you are away overnight.

2.     You are a cool geek and you are proud of it. You can list facts and figures as if you were reading them from a book and I have become used to accepting your quotes as if you were Google. It is very rare that I double check your facts and they are incorrect.

3.     You are like our very own little Johnny 5. There isn’t a room in the house that I have not found you reading a book. Even sat halfway up the stairs and on the toilet.

4.     You want to be Bear Grylls when you are older. You love adventures and foraging and making dens. We have given you an adventure kit for your birthday to set you up for more adventure fun.

5.     You still twirl your hair in your fingers when you are tired. It has been your sleep comforter for all of these years that you no longer even realise you are doing it.

6.     You may now be eight years old now but you are still my little boy. When you are tired and have had a hard day you have a lot of emotions and you do not always know what to do with them. They usually end up spilling out of you in tears. You are still happy for me to prescribe an early night and cuddles to fix them. 

7.     You are now wanting to join clubs and sporting activities. You love swimming and have reached a swimming level that probably out does both daddy and I. 

8.     You are doing well at school and you are not concerned by what your peers are achieving. You do your best and work to your abilities. You now have additional lessons in some subjects stretch you. You do not let this distance you from your friends and this makes us very proud. 

Happy Birthday our handsome young man.

We love you to the moon and back.

Love from Mummy & Daddy

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