Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Holiday Reading Recommendations

My post holiday blues have not yet shifted so maybe a spot of reminiscing over my sun lounger holiday reading will cheer me up. My Kindle and waterproof case were put through their paces whilst we were on holiday. I doubt I would have read as much had I have taken physical books.

Having recently won a Kindle Paperwhite the choice of what to read first on it seemed like a rather important decision and a nice sunny holiday was the perfect chance to splash out on some books that were usually beyond my self imposed price limit. 

Here is my holiday reading list. 

I am a total sucker for a good old fashioned boy meets girl love story and this book did not fail to disappoint. I loved this book but it almost left me a sobbing mess on my sun lounger. Not a good look.

Completely girlie, totally predictable but beautifully written. 100 days,100 proposals. You can pretty much guess where this is heading but seeing it all unfold and experiencing the beautiful locations and heartfelt romantic gestures made the predictability worth it.

Imagine a world where the left side no longer exists to you. Sarah's road to recovery and the frustrations associated with it made this book about much more than I expected it to be.

I chose this book based on reading and enjoying other books by this author. Whilst the plot was well intertwined and the story kept me intrigued I found the book a little lacking, in a way that I can not quite put my finger on. 

Other books that have graced my kindle this month include. One Breath Away , Finding You and The Fault In Our Stars. Sadly these books did not capture me as much as I hoped. I had big hopes for The Fault in Our Stars after the cover claimed "you laugh, you cry, and then you come back for more", this book did none of those things for me. 

Books on my list to read for September include; 

Getting Rid Of Matthew (not my choice but this months book club choice)

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