Monday, 20 October 2014

Hama Bead Tea Light Jars

So far I have not been feeling at all in the mood for Halloween. We haven’t done any dressing up, pumpkin carving or crafts.

When this month’s Botik craft supplies arrived the colours were crying out for Halloween and Autumnal activities.

This was a super simple activity that both boys could manage and with zero mess.



Empty Jars,
Hama beads & board, 
Greaseproof Paper, 
Tea lights


Using your Hama board and jam jar work out how big your design needs to be to fit your jar. Mine needed to be less than 13x14 beads square.

Using your Hama board and beads create a design that you are happy with. There are many designs available on-line or you can have a go at creating your own. For younger children you could make an outline to your necessary measurements and let them fill it in with their design.

We made Batman logo and Pumkin. 

Once all of the beads are in place then using your greaseproof paper and iron set your design (following the Hama bead instructions).

Once cooled remove your design from the board and use Bostik glu dots on the back (the side you ironed) to fix your designs to your jars.

Then simply add a tea light to your jar and admire your effots. 

This batman design is a little larger but a certain chocolate spread comes in a nice oval shaped jar to give you room for larger designs.

Aldi jam jars are great as they are square. We used a square jar to make a jam jar for the season’s with a different holiday event on each side. We have Valentines, Easter, Halloween and Christmas on this one.

Thank you to Craft Merrily for putting together the craft packs for Bostik and inspiring me.

Monday, 13 October 2014

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