Saturday, 25 April 2015

And Then You Were 4

To Our Darling Munchie, 

Today you turn four and you are much more  certain about what a birthday should involve. It must definitely definitely involve cake. Specifically chocolate cake, made by daddy (good luck there daddy!) with Ninja Turtles on it.  It should also include gifts from a very random selection of your suggestions. Such suggestions include a ladder?!, dressing up costumes (despite the fact you usually hate dressing up, guns, swords and ninja turtles.

Choosing gifts had been hard. You only want to play with your big brother. Whatever he plays, you are happy with. 

The last year has flown by, you have entered your 4th year with news of your infant school placement having just been received and you are a matter of months away from starting reception class (whether mummy is ready or not). You are very excited by the prospect of going to big school like Snaffles and the main selling points seem to be the colour of the school jumper and school dinners.

You are on the go from the second you open your eyes and fight sleep until it takes over you. You run and jump and climb and find mischief wherever you can. You never seem to stop eating and growing at the minute.

Thankfully you have a very cheeky little smile to get you out of tricky situations. There is only so far that handsome smile gets you though!

Mummy has found age 3 very hard this time around but we are learning how to get along nicely together and how to pre-empt your meltdowns and distract you before they have chance to start.

You still think Snaffles is the bees knees. When you are getting on well you declare him your best friend but the second you do not like what he is doing you soon retract his best friend status.

You are beginning to want the freedom to play outside with the other children in our cul de sac. You tell me when your friends are playing out and despite you not knowing their names you are happy to race up and down on bikes and scooters together.

You have changed so much this year. You now sit and chat to friends on face time rather than dashing off with your toys. You tell nursery of the things we have done together over the weekend and you can tell me what you have done with your days at nursery.

You insist on Snaffles playing your Jolly Phonics CD on his stereo and you sing and sign the actions. You know far more than you are willing to let on to people and are not one to show off your learning. I sit by and quietly observe you counting cars and hama beads and various other toys yet you have no desire to indulge me in counting together.

Turning 4 makes my heart feel sad. No more will I spend days at home with toddlers. Turning 4 is your passport to school. Cuddling you to sleep for the final time as a 3 year old felt very precious. Every little "first" for you is a "last" for me. First day at school-last child starting school. 

I hope being 4 is easier for both of us. Turning 4 seems like the start of big changes for us both. School will mean we have much less time together and I know I will love watching you learn like I did Snaffles but I will really miss having you all to myself.

As always it amazes me that we are responsible for other human lives and that another year has passed without any major disasters. 

Things you like; 
Balance bikes
Ninja Turtles
Swords and guns
Hama beads

I hope you enjoy your birthday Munchie. There will be chocolate cake and ninja turtles so you are bound to be pleased.

Love you to the moon and back
Mummy &  Daddy

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