Saturday, 28 November 2015

Playmobil Fire Rescue Operation Advent Calendar

This weekend we shall be venturing into the loft to gather the beginnings of the Christmas items. It is too early for us to put the tree up but our box of advent things need digging out.  

This year we shall also be counting down with a Playmobil Fire Rescue Operation Advent Calendar.

We have had Playmobil advent calendars before and know that they are great fun and open, build and play with. 

The boys usually alternate who opens it with one taking the odd numbers and the other taking the even numbers.  

The Advent Calendars come in a large box with a covering sleeve. Each set contains a cardboard background to match the theme of the calendar. There are then 24 windows to open with figures and accessories in. The calendar has holes in the back for wall mounting if you require. 

Depending on the contents of the sets there is sometimes a very basic instruction book included but the sets are very easy to put together.

The Playmobil Fire Rescue Operation Advent Calendar comes with a card game to play too. Over the 24 days the advent calendar has a cardboard background and the doors open to build into a motorcycle workshop/fire scene set. The set contains firemen, a fire vehicle, fire extinguishing accessories, motorbike, cat, tools and much more. 

I love that even from day one the boys will sit and play with their Playmobil and the scenery and enjoy using their imaginations. 

This set retails at £19.99 but with various offers on at the minute I have seen these available for around £14.

Other Playmobil Calendars available include;
Christmas In The Forest
Santas Workshop
Christmas Room with Illuminating Tree
Unicorn Fairyland
Dragons Treasure Battle

Which is your favourite Playmobil advent calendar this year? 

Disclosure: We received the advent calendar as part of being a Playmobil Playologist, for the purposes of writing this review post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Thursday, 12 November 2015

WIN a PLAYMOBIL Special Forces Firefighter Competition

WIN a PLAYMOBIL Special Forces Firefighter, as they help launch London Fire Brigade’s 150th anniversary.

London Fire Brigade have recruited a specialist #PLAYMOBILBrigade to release a catchy sing-a-long video, to ensure children know who to call when they are in danger.

To celebrate, we have 2 PLAYMOBIL Special Forces Firefighters to give away to 2 lucky winners!

PLAYMOBIL have partnered with London Fire Brigade to celebrate their 150th anniversary and to kick off the partnership, they have released a PLAYMOBIL stop-motion video teaching little ones about fire safety and who our fire fighter heroes are.  The video will be used for London Fire Brigade’s education service in schools for the upcoming academic year and online.

The new watch have a unique set of skills including singing, dancing and specialist clown rescue capabilities.

The video shows how London Fire Brigade fights more than just house fires and highlights how much they do for the community. It launches the Brigade’s 150th anniversary celebrations, as part of a partnership running into 2016 aiming to educate children about fire safety outside of the home.

In true PLAYMOBIL style, children can watch the fire service as they rescue clowns and a rock band from a road traffic accident, caused by a dragon crossing the road. They save an elderly lady from a flood as a pirate ship casually sails past, and attend an out-of-control campfire attended by Father Christmas and a cowgirl, showcasing the variety of heroic deeds our fire fighters do.

For your chance to win, simply watch the video here and leave a comment answering the following question: 

The competition closes at midnight on Friday 20th November 2015.

 What is the second emergency our PLAYMOBIL firefighters are called to?
To browse the PLAYMOBIL Fire Brigade range, visit
January 1st 2016 marks the start of London Fire Brigade’s 150th year in operation.
To find out how to join in the celebrations throughout 2016, visit
The video will be used by London Firefighters and the Brigade’s Education team as part of their fire prevention outreach work, teaching children in foundation year classes (Nursery, Reception and Year 1) about the people who help us.

Terms & Conditions;
1.Participation in the competition is free of charge and does not require an order to be placed. By entering the competition – with the consent of his/her legal guardian if the user is of minor age – accepts these terms and conditions, and any other conditions or deadlines mentioned separately.
2.PLAYMOBIL will handle all personal details such as family name, first name, phone number and email address in accordance with legal provisions.
3.Entry to the competition is open to all persons aged 18 and over, and resident in the UK. Legal representatives and employees of PLAYMOBIL or LFB and their family members are not eligible.
4.To take part in the competition the user must submit the correct answer to the question on this page by midnight on Friday 20th November 2015 .
5.The winner will be randomly drawn from all entries in relation to the competition. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.
6.The winner will be notified via email and will need to reply by email to confirm acknowledgement of the prize. If a winner fails to make contact by midnight on Friday 27th November 2015 , the prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be drawn at random.
7.The prize: There will be 2 winners who will win 1 x Special Forces Fire Fighters figure each
8. PLAYMOBIL bears the costs for shipping the prize to the UK domicile of the winner.
It is agreed by the participant with PLAYMOBIL that any further costs incurred by winners in relation to this competition, e.g. customs duties and taxes for the prize, shall be met by the winner or his/her legal guardian.
9.The prize may take up to 2-4 days to arrive.
10.PLAYMOBIL reserves the right to replace the advertised prizes with other prizes and to change the game rules any time. The change takes effect the next calendar day. In this event the participant is not entitled to lodge a claim of any kind against PLAYMOBIL.
11.PLAYMOBIL shall not be liable for any loss or injury which the participant may incur as a result of accepting or making use of the prize. 
12.PLAYMOBIL is entitled to exclude participants from the competition at any time in the event of a serious breach of contract.
13.PLAYMOBIL has the right to cancel the competition at any time without prior notice and without indicating any reasons, particularly if technical complications arise. 
14.Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The First Term Of School

We are still in the fog that is Munchie;s first term of school. He just got used to the routine and tiredness and then he had October half term off. This last week has been like starting school all over again. The tired grumpy ball of frustration that I collect after school each day is not doing my nerves any good at all. 

I hope the teachers enjoy their day with my child because I am not getting much out of him after school. Being at school, behaving how school expects, sitting and concentrating and learning takes every last drop of his energy from him at the minute. He just has nothing at all left once he is collected. 

Having Munchie start school has reminded me how tough but also lovely starting school can be. 

The Tiredness
Oh me oh my, I do not know who the tiredness is going to claim first. Me or them (it really is a case of sides on this one). They are exhausted, grumpy, irritable and at times, quite frankly vile to both each other and me. I find myself starting sentences with “I know you are tired but…”. I do cut them some slack and I do try and be more tolerant but their exhausted start of term behaviour is sometimes beyond ignoring.

Why can they not just sit down and rest when they are tired. I would happily allow them some TV time. No, instead they want to tear around the garden or play some other random, highly energetic game instead of sitting down and chilling out. It must pass soon, surely?

The School Lunches
I forgot how hilarious the descriptions a 4 year old can give of his school lunch. Most days we get the standard “I can’t remember” but there are the odd days that do amuse me. My favourite was from Snaffles “it was round and flat and brown but wasn’t meat” We suggested all manner of foods but we still never got to the bottom of that meal.

Last week Munchie had “chicken with wet bread on top. I can only hope it was some attempt at a dumpling?

You may no longer be paying out for nursery fees but starting school doesn’t mean there will be any less requests for money. We must have broken some kind of back to school money request record this term. Day 1!!!! Day flipping 1! The same pay packet as all of those back to school PE kits, uniforms, coats and the bank breaking school shoes and we had a request for that lovely “voluntary” donation for a trip the following week.  I know its great they get opportunities like this but really? The first day back?

Then there are the donations for every charitable day known to man that could possibly pass for a non-uniform day with the suggested £1 donation.

Parent Involvement
I forgot just how much involvement was required from the parents. Letters and sounds with the smaller ones, homework with the bigger ones,  remembering jeans for genes day, Roald Dahl day, consultations evenings, celebration assemblies, saving boxes for robot building day, collecting acorns and other bits for their autumn craft day, making/buying costumes, reminding children to pack reading books/homework/PE kits/water bottles etc Its a wonder we make it out of the house some days. I had got used to Snaffles being responsible for his own school belongings but I now need to go back to checking bags for notes again. 

When you factor in the points from above about tiredness, money and of course work it soon makes all of these little bits of school involvement that little bit harder.

How on earth does having one extra child at school make for so much more washing? He must have worn clothes before he started school? Why is there an extra load each week now just because he wears school clothes? How on earth I am going to get this lot dry when the winter arrives I do not know.

The Smiles
Aside from all of the above seeing their little faces light up with smiles as they spot you in the playground waiting for them is worth it all. Their excited, disjointed babbles of events from the day all burst out at once. The highlights of the boys days are usually what they had for lunch or who they played with at playtime. I haven't much clue as to what goes on at school but they seem to be having fun.

The Cuddles
My boys are cuddlers. The lack of tactile contact in the day means they are bursting with it by the time they leave school. Little warm hands will slip themselves into mine as we walk out of school and Munchie in particular will snuggle up on the sofa with me after school for a cuddle and dash back to me every so often for extra cuddles.