Saturday, 22 August 2009

Feeling Old

Having just got back from a girlie night in with my two best friends I am suddenly feeling rather old.

Having sat for an hour with her 10 year old daughter who asked:

"mummy is it true that Robbie Williams used to be in Take That?"

Now dont get me wrong I am not naive enough to think that i am still 12 and recording the top 10 on my cassette player (strategically pausing to manage to not record the talking!) but it seems strange and very aging to realise that there are people too young to remember this!

And as if we didnt feel old enough after that she soon followed with;

"will Peter Andre still be famous now that he is not married to Katie?"

We tried to explain that he was already famous before he met Katie but it took some convincing.

Please tell me I am not that old???


  1. your not old coz if your old so am I ! I told my teenage daughter about taping the charts and she asked me what a tape is!

  2. taping the charts was a military operation.

  3. Oh I did love taping the charts! Memories! It's such a shame that my daughter is guaranteed to bring on a feeling of ageing - she does it with me every day. "Were you alive when they had shillings?" was a particularly good one, being as I was born in 1980!