Friday, 11 September 2009

Great Read Award

I am delighted to have been given the Great Read award by Really Rachel. So huge thanks to Rachel for not only following my blog but also for awarding it the great read award.

Given that I am still a fairly newish blogger I am thrilled to have been given such an award and I am pleased that people are enjoying my work.

Recipients of this award are asked to list 10 happy memories. These have ranged from 10 random happy memories from Really Rachael to 10 happy things about herself by very bored housewife.

I have therefore decided to list 10 happy things that my son “snaffles“ says or does which make me smile.

1. My first sleepy morning cuddle with him. I am not a morning person and would live in my bed if is was possible but it does not seem to matter what time Snaffles gets up, when I see his sleepy little face and hear him say “ah my mummy” it makes me melt inside.

2. He has lovely manners. As a parent I do my best to teach him how to be a nice polite little boy. Its reassuring to know that he is learning how to be polite and even more reassuring when other people notice it.

3. Seeing “Snaffles” and “Mr C” together. From the moment snaffles was born they have been inseparable. They go everywhere together and are a comical little duo. I can see the joy on both of their faces when they are reunited after a day at nursery and work.

4. Bedtime Stories. Mr C and I used to fight over who got to give snaffles his bedtime bottle. For both of us this time of the day has always been one of the most sacred with snaffles. Once he no longer had a bottle, bedtime stories took its place. To snuggle in his cot bed with him, reading a story and be the last face he sees for the day. I don’t know what it is about it but it is my second favourite time of day with snaffles (second to No 1 above).

5. Bedtime chatter. Story and bedtime routine complete we regularly sit downstairs listening to snaffles chatting away in his bed to his various teddies or anything else he can find up there. He also lays in his bed singing to himself. The most recent rendition being “round and round the garden”.

6. Singing. It always amazes me how much a 2 year old can remember. I have sung to him from a very young age, he knows at least 10 songs off by heart (and also the actions). He also amazed me a few weeks ago with a rendition of “little miss muffett” that his nanny had taught him (no I am not rich and no I don’t have staff. He calls my mum, nanny).

7. “My Hollie” - Hollie is my niece, snaffles cousin. He dotes on her and from the look on her face she feels the same too (she is almost 1). He cuddles and kisses her, brings her toys and shares his sweets with her. He has also bestowed her with his highest award which basically means he calls her “My” Hollie. It might not sound very grand but its an honour he doesn’t give out very freely. Even I as his mummy don’t get this title. I think the only other person to regularly get this title is “my daddy”.

8. Dancing. To see his little bum wiggling away to music. He has no cares, no worries, it does not matter who if anyone is watching or whether he looks silly. This is something I have never been able to do and it makes me smile to see him so carefree.

9. I love how on the days I am feeling tired, drained, tested or sad he is there to make me smile. He bestows me with kisses and cuddles, tells me he loves me and on rare occasions has even said “my mummy pretty” which despite me knowing it was not true (I still had my dressing gown on and no makeup) cheered my up no end.

10. Cute phrases - most of these he has picked up from Mr C. Recent examples include “do one”, “have a word with yourself” and “peace out brother”. While they are not the standard phrases I would expect to come from a 2 year old they are unique to him and combined with his butter wouldn’t melt face I cant help but laugh.

So I'll now pass on this award to some of the blogs I've enjoyed reading and hope to hear all about their happiest memories! Be sure to check them all out!

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  1. That's lovely! What sweet answers :o) Thanks for taking part!

  2. Loved taking part. Thanks for the award. Such simple things that make us happy.

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