Friday, 9 October 2009

Mmmmmm M&M Heaven

Mmmmmm, M&M heaven

I am in colour separated, colour co-ordinated, M&M heaven!!! My lovely friend K brought me these back from a recent trip to New York.

K is a regular witness to my strange food issues (see here) and looks on in amazement when I proceed to divide up sweets into separate colour groups.

How amazing are these – and I can save the container and pre-fill with new sweets thus having instantly co-ordinated sweets on my travels!

I will no longer look insane when I sit separating them, people will assume I bought them that way.

I am so easily pleased!


  1. I would just rip the lid off and swallow the lot down in one ... but that's just me

  2. they didnt last long at all but saves me time in having to seperate them!

  3. I neeeeeeed that. Especially for the peanut M&M's - I also separate them into colours. Not the plain choc ones though. Ker-razy!

  4. Hi snafflesmummy - hello! I found your blog through BlogFrog and wanted to stop by and say hello. Love the post on M&Ms and so glad you included a pic. It would just be cruel to not include a photo of everyone's favorite candy. I am always fascinated by the stores where you can buy M&Ms in bulk and by color. They even have a website where you can get your name or company printed on your own custom M&Ms!

    Thanks for sharing and it was nice to discover your blog. I look forward to following and reading more about your life.

    Holly (co-founder TheBlogFrog)

  5. notsuchayummymummy - glad im not the only sweet seperator. I have gotten used to the strange looks!

    Holly - hi and welcome, always nice to have new followers and especially ones that like what they read ;-)

    Such a shame we dont have an M&M store. i would definatley buy in bulk!

  6. wow, i've finally found someone sort of like me! i can't stand my food touching, at all...but when it comes to M&M's i can only eat the orange coloured ones, its become so much of a phobia im actually scared i will die if i eat any other colour! i wonder if theres a specific phobia name for that, doubt it! I also get extremely strange looks, we need a M&M factory so we can sort these issues out!