Monday, 16 November 2009

Do You Know Who I Am?

In an unfortunate turn of events of which I will blog about at a later date I found myself working from home today.

I decided that in order to actually get any work done I would still have to put Snaffles into nursery.

I really enjoyed taking him, seeing him go running off to play with his friends. Thankfully the drop off went well with no tears (his or mine).

When I collected Snaffles at tea time I stole a quick two minutes outside nursery to watch him having fun.

I then rang the security buzzer to gain access. I am lead to believe that the usually protocol on ringing the buzzer is to simply be buzzed into the building. I on the other hand was personally met at the door and asked who I was!!!!

I almost muttered those six dreaded words - “do you know who I am?”

On any other occasion my unknown identity would have made me poignant. However I was greeted by Snaffles calling my name with open arms and a gush of unrecognisable chatter as he tried to pour a days worth of activities out in our initial exchange and show me his good behaviour stickers.

He proudly took me off to see his Fireman Sam coat peg , collect his belongings and show me his pictures on the walls.


  1. One of the best feelings in the world is ehrn they come running up to you top speed. Wonderful

  2. I know it was fab. Like we were the only 2 people in the room.