Sunday, 20 December 2009

And Then There Was Snow

 It finally came.

After reading several face book and twitter updates over Thursday and Friday it felt like we were the only place in the UK to not have any snow.

We had the odd sprinkling but nothing huge and nothing likely to settle By late on Friday evening there was a light covering of snow and faint hope that we might have more in the morning.

This is what we woke up to on Saturday morning. 


Snaffles (and Mr C) were so excited when they looked out the window. Typically Snaffles chose Saturday to have a lay in so me and Mr C were all excited about the snow and sat waiting for Snaffles to get up.

When he finally did I have never seen him get ready so quickly, the promise of snow was obviously too much to resist. 


Off we went to the local park where thankfully there was enough of a hill to attempt to sledge down.

We spent the morning playing out in the snow before heading to some friends to warm up again.



  1. OOoo. Pretty photo's! :)
    Snaffles looks adorable on the sledge!!
    I'm still waiting for our snow! :(