Sunday, 6 December 2009

Fudge Off!

My Friend M made me some yummy cherry and almond fudge for my birthday last week. She blogged about how her fudge making ordeal lead to a few choice words, not of a polite variety!

She also made a further batch for our recent girls night away (actually I think it was consumed in the car before we even got to our hotel!).

Since then I have been dreaming of fudge. Every nice sweet thing that I eat I am considering whether it would make a good fudge flavour and how it could be incorporated.

I want to make a little something as part of my Grandad’s Christmas present so I thought that fudge would be a nice, low cost option. I mean, how hard could it be to whip up a batch of fudge?

Yesterday I decided to have a trial run at making fudge so that I did not end up in a mad panic on Christmas Eve.

I googled some recipes, researched methods and flavours etc and was pleasantly surprised to find that all it takes is milk, butter and sugar so I did not even need to leave the house to purchase ingredients. A quick tweet about the impending fudge making and off I went.

I melted, dissolved, boiled, simmered and measured temperatures. My mixture had good colour, good texture and smelt fantastic. I lovingly lined my baking tin with baking paper and poured my fudge mixture in praying for a delicious outcome.

My recipe then said to allow the mixture to cool. There was no mention of how or for how long so I put my mixture in the fridge. This now appears to have been one of many mistakes in my fudge making disaster!

So, several hours later I returned to check on my fudge and it remained a sugary mess. In no shape or form did it resemble anything which could ever be classed as “solid”.

More tweets about my fudge failure lead to recommendations from fellow bloggers on twitter to either give up or to purchase ready made fudge.

I tried, I really did try to walk away from the fudge disaster, but it was taunting me. If you listen quietly you can still hear it. As I sat in my living room trying to ignore it I could hear it teasing me from the kitchen “you failed, I beat you, you cant make fudge”.

I could not be beaten by these 3 every day ingredients. My craving for that smooth creamy fudge was growing by the minute.

More research, more recipes and a quick trip to the shops for more ingredients.

A further hour spent slaving over a hot stove and my end result was…….a bloody solid block of god only knows what. I couldn’t even cut the damn thing so it definitely was not creamy smooth fudge as hoped for.

The other batch whilst not solid was still not as I hoped. The colour and flavour were ok but the texture. Arrrrrrrggggghhhh which part of creamy and smooth involves hard and grainy????

Grandad - I love you dearly and I would happily slave over a hot stove for you, however my fudge making skills are clearly way off the mark. My hopes of a cheap little present are unlikely to come to anything when it takes me 3 plus attempts to succeed. Even at Thorntons prices it will still be cheaper to buy some!

I am so close to admitting defeat, if only the fudge would stop taunting me. Maybe one last hunt for a new recipe....

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  1. How frustrating. I would have to keep going until I got it right, but then I think everyone else in the house would have to take cover lol. Hope you manage it.

  2. I want to make fudge now, even though your post suggest I shouldn't LOL!

    Love the title.


  3. Mums Survival Guide: Think I will attempt a version that uses condensed milk next and see how that goes.

    Insomniac Mummy: dont do it. Your options are:
    1: it will not work and you will be left scarred for life, forever tormented by the fudge that beat you, or
    2. it will work and then you will have to become my personal fudge slave!

    Fudge off was a polite version of my verdict on the fudge!

  4. We make fudge, but we cheat and then the boys can help. we usually get it from QVC, but they dont have any. It is delicious and no one can tell that we cheat!!!

  5. Mmmmm fudge! I planned to make some for xmas too. Maybe I'll bypass the stress and just buy some!

  6. Ahh. I have a similar fudge-making idea for my father-in-law. Not looking nearly so attractive having read your post!

  7. Mmmm, fudge. Sorry it didn't work out. There's a recipe for some chocolate fudge in the new Sainsburys magazine which I was going to try but might give it a miss now!

  8. Please have one more try! It MUST be possible. Does it require a special thermometer to get it to exactly the right temperature? Peppermint creams are MUCH easier!

  9. Right easy fudge recipe - Nigella has one - its a bit of a cheat but it works and it can be kept in the freezer!!
    go here

  10. Oh dear ... I so don't want to be sucked into wanting to make fudge (I'm mentallly sticking my fingers in my ears)