Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Wait Until Your Daddy Gets Home......

Can you remember your BC (before children) days?

I can remember looking in supermarkets, shopping centres and restaurants, watching parents and passing judgment on their parenting decisions. I vowed I would never become like those parents.

I remember while pregnant discussing with Mr C all of the things we were not going to do or say once Snaffles arrived (of course our child would be born an angel!)

One of the things I vowed never to say was “wait until your daddy gets home”. Surely I could cope for a whole day? What could possibly happen in a day that I would have to utter those words?

These six words have now passed my lips.

Now all in all Snaffles is very well behaved. He can be whiney and cheeky and naughty like all children but these days are usually few and far between and a quick spell on the naughty step usually gets the message across. Every so often though he has one of those days from hell.

He has had one of these days recently. Everything I said, did or suggested just was not good enough and was met with “no mummy”, all threats of punishment were met with cheeky comments and Snaffles had a permanent seat on the naughty step. I promised things for good behaviour, threatened to wit hold things for naughty behaviour and still nothing. Even the threat of Santa watching didn’t stop him.

I had Snaffles to look after, meals to cook, a house to clean, chores to do and all day I heard cries of "no Mummy".

Snaffles can you put some toys away please? "No Mummy"
Snaffles can you put your coat on please? "No Mummy"
Snaffles your dinner is ready "No Mummy"


 I had had enough. I had been the baddie all day, “wait until your Daddy gets home Snaffles, he will not be very happy that you have been naughty all day”. There, I said it!, oh, wait, what was that? a vague pause in the naughty behaviour, recognition that Daddy might actually find out, Daddy might not read books and play in the bath and do the general silly things that only Daddys are capable of.

Daddy arrived home not long after that to a crying Snaffles doing anther stint on the naughty step and a very frazzled looking mummy.

Daddy: “have you been a good boy for mummy today?”
Snaffles: “No, I have been a whinge bum!”

I guess I should be grateful that knew he had been a terror.

I might have to try remember all the things we agreed we would never do when we had a child. My guess is we have done most of them!


  1. Heheh Little Miss A tells her Daddy what I say she's been too sometimes.
    I had a day like that before xmas, they don't come round too often thankfully, but those are the days I wish I was at work (and then go to work and wish I was at home)!

  2. I haven't given in to those immortal words yet but I have used the following when Daddy walks through the door.
    "There, you have her I've had enough today!"

  3. Yep, already done it - despite promising myself, like you, that I never would!

  4. 'No I have been a whinge bum'?
    snigger...that's very funny

  5. I had one of those days before Christmas Eve.I felt such a crap mum having to resort to saying it oh and Father Christmas was mentioned too.

  6. You've got to love his honesty !

    We have days like that... all too frequently