Friday, 15 January 2010

Clean Knickers at the Ready!

I have been meaning to blog about this for a while.

My friends L, M and I have tickets to a concert. We are all very excited and cant wait to see our chosen Act.

However, our choice has attracted a few strange stares!

So, who you ask are we so excited about seeing?

Peter "the body" Andre

Just look at him, how could you resist. He must surely be a strong contender for Insomniac Mummy’s Friday “Hot or Not” feature?

They dont call him "the body" for no reason. 

So why when I tell people that I have tickets to see him in February am I met with such strange looks?

When my fellow friend M told her friends of our “gig” they instantly assumed it was to take her 10 year old daughter (who incidentally was not aware that the delightful Peter Andre was already famous prior to his marriage to Katie! see here).

We have had further strange looks when we have shared our excitement with others.

So, are we going to be the oldest people are the “gig” (I am only 27!) or is Peter Andre an acquired taste?

Mr Andre is even on "the list" of one of my fellow concert goers (you know - "the list" - a limited selection of individuals with whom you can throw yourself at, no questions asked.

I am sure she will be purchasing new knickers for throwing purposes!


  1. Yee and indeed haa. I had no idea the 1st one was him as I scrolled down, as Pete himself may say being an aussie, thats Bonza mate! Lol Oh I'm all hot now....

  2. He doesnt do it for me, but then I remember him first time round and I just feel............................old!!

  3. I like TheMadHouse feel old as I remember him first time round pre Jungle pre Katie....and No he doesn't do it for me either

  4. I do too- my friend at school was obsessed with him. But he has aged well

  5. He's aged incredibly well 20something - that's part of my problem with him

    Still he does have a nice body - unfortunately I prefer mine a little less baby oiled but each to her own ! Enjoy !

  6. Nope. Not for me either, I'm afraid. I am one of the strange staring people!

  7. 20 somethingmum - hope you have taken a nice cold shower to calm yourself down

    and as for the rest of you at least the lack of interest leaves me with less compitition.

  8. Nope I just looked at the 40 year old who definitely does not have that body anymore (he did when I met him 10 years ago, but sadly not now) that I live with and that's enough of a dampener! Tee hee!

    Have to point out though- at least he doesn't have that weird hair anymore