Sunday, 10 January 2010

Dear So & So Part 3

Dear  local leisure centre,

You well and truly suck.

Despite having a swimming pool which is ice cold you are our only option. You take my money and then do sod all! Next time you change the time of the swimming lesson to an earlier time slot it might be useful if you telephone the parents to let them know.

Do not stand there and lie to me saying you tried to call me. You have my landline, mobile number and address. Both phones have voice mail, I have had no missed calls, no messages and no letter.

Had we known of the new time slot several weeks ago (i.e before you took our money) it is doubtful we would have signed up. Mr C can no longer come and watch his sons first swimming lessons.

A free swim doesn’t really make up for the disappointment of a 2 year old!

Yours angrily

Snaffles Mummy


Dear Snaffles

Mummy is really sorry you could not go swimming today. Your little face was so excited when I told you it was swimming lesson day. You were such a good boy all morning and looking forward to your lesson.

You were all ready at the side of the pool, you look so tiny in your swimming trunks and belly float. You were stealing a quick cuddle with daddy before the lesson started. We waited and waited before mummy went to find out what was going on. Your face was so so sad when I told you we were not going swimming today. You kept telling me you were sorry like it was in some way your fault.

It was not your fault angel, mummy and daddy will take you swimming at the weekend.

Love and hugs from Mummy


  1. Please don't get me started on poor customer service or we'll be here all day and all night. And tomorrow too. And ice cold pool water? Seriously? In the age of Global Warming? That does not compute. Demand your money back!

  2. Oh bless! That's awful.



  3. That is indeed awful, these people just couldn't care less. Customers mean nothing these days. Salaries mean everything.

    CJ xx

  4. That's awful - hope that you manage to get things sorted out