Monday, 4 January 2010

Gingerbread House's - How Can A Girl Resist

In life there are those that bake and those that don’t. It’s a bit like marmite you either love it or hate it.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I love it. Some of my Christmas/birthday pressies included cupcakes cases, cupcake cook book, a 2 tiered cake stand, a recipe book stand and a really cool cake slice/server.

Baking to me is not a chore, its not even about the eating of the end product (ok, it is but that’s not the only reason I bake!) It is the love and attention put into that one project for the perfect combination of looks and flavours. Its turning up to a friends house with a tin of home made biscuits or the feeling you get turning up at an ill friends house with a surprise cake.

So, when I saw these over at Not Martha I nearly wet myself with excitement. They are simply genius.

Gingerbread houses that sit on the rim of your mug.

I followed the recipe and on the Martha Stuart Website and the instructions and template provided by Not Martha and they worked amazingly. The cutting out of the pieces etc is a little tricky but the making of the dough and the assembly is pretty straight forward.

Instead of the recommended royal icing I just bought a tube of white writing icing and it worked fine. 

How stunning do they look? they don’t have to be fancy or immaculate (as proven by my efforts), the design does the talking. 


Thankfully I discovered these just before Christmas so they made the perfect topper for luscious mugs of baileys hot chocolate.

I will most definitely be making these again and also keeping an eye on the Not Martha website for future projects.

NOTE: There has since been an updated post for adding a chimney and adjusting where the “door” goes – see here.


  1. They do look amazing. Sadly, I am mostly in the hate-marmite camp.

  2. Those are incredibly cool - can you post a link?

  3. There is a link above but here is it again x

  4. These are great. I will have to try next time I have company. Thanks for the link.

  5. Royal icing is typically used for gingerbread houses because it hardens completely when dry - that way the roof and sides all stay together! Adorable. . . =)

  6. These are just fantastic - I love them! So glad I found you via RedTedArt's blog

  7. Oh, do you beleive my mom was talking this cute project she saw on a book. I would love of you would guest blog this recipe on House of Pinheiro.