Friday, 22 January 2010

A Meme of Frocks - My Dream Dress

The lovely Claire over at Dandelion Lounge has launched a wedding dress meme and I am lucky enough to be one of the first few tagged.  This has to be one of the most exciting and girlie meme’s ever.

I will have been married 5 years later on this year. From the second we got engaged I started planning the wedding. I was soon buying the extortionately priced bridal magazines and dreaming of the dress.

I first saw my dress in one of these magazines and managed to track down a stockist, my dream dress from the magazines soon became a reality. I remember being advised by friends and family not to rush into anything and to go away and think about it. From the second I walked out of the shop I did nothing but think of that dress, even in my sleep I dreamt of it. After 2 nights I knew that I had to have that dress and so the dress was ordered.  I carried the picture of my dress with me everywhere I went and I even managed to get a swatch of the fabric.

Getting the dress from the shop was like a military operation. Strict instructions for transport were provided by the shop and my dress was eventually stored at my Granddads house not to be seen by anyone before the big day (although I suspect that he showed his neighbours!)

So, on to the exciting part - the photos.

Regrettably these photos are not great. I do not have a scanner and these are the only copies of the photos that I have. My apparently “professional” photographer managed to lose 50% of my photographs. Mainly the ones at the house and in the church. I have no professional photos of my on my own, none of me and my granddad leaving the house or arriving at the church, none of me and Mr C sealing the deal with a kiss or leaving the church. The ones of us signing the register etc are all “stages” and were taken around 12 weeks after the actual wedding. I sobbed my heart out for days over these lost photos. However, thanks to my loving family and friends who kindly donated their photos, together with some of my own handiwork I managed to create a stunning scrapbook of my wedding photos.

Part of Claire’s original post was should she sell her dress or keep it? My dress has lived at my mums house ever since my wedding. I have not tried it on or even looked at it more than a handful of times since.  Whether it is used by future generations of our family or not the dress will always remind me of the start of my new life with Mr C. No amount of money in the world could convince me to part with my dress.

So, share pictures of your dress, the story of your wedding and could you ever bear to sell your dress?

I would love to hear from;

Muddling Along Mummy
Kelly over at A Place of my Own

And finally;

The Dotterel over at Bringing up Charlie so that he doenst feel left out, and;
Lax Parenting - she will be getting married in 9 weeks time, what better way to share the story of your wedding than with a meme.


  1. Thanks so much for the tag my lovely!
    I've been tagged by Claire as well so really need to get on with it, I'm really excited about this meme. It's a good one!

  2. The photos are beautiful. You were a stunning bride! That's sad about the photos, I can imagine it must've been very upsetting. Thanks for tagging me!

  3. Pants about the photo's but love the dress!

  4. Oh, you look stunning in that beautiful dress! How awful with the photos though.

  5. Thanks everyone.

    I think everyone should blog about their dress.

  6. So pretty, I love the full skirt. Thanks for tagging me.

  7. You must have been so sad about the photos, but what a lovely dress. You look like you had a terrific day! Muddling Along Mummy has tagged me and I'm off to see if I can find any to post up!

  8. Thank you for the tag (can't believe Brit in Bosnia got over here before i did ... grrr)

    That's a beautiful dress - I love all of the detail on the skirt and bodice

    And what's more you look radiant !

  9. Such a beautiful dress! I look forward to one day sharing photo's of my own dress :)
    Sorry to hear about the photo's! x

  10. I am loving the full the full skirt and the detailing is amazing, you look gorgeous. So sad for you about the photos, you can tell it was one the best days of your life - snaffles arriving being joint first no doubt! I'm keeping mine too, there has been an overwhelming vote for KEEP! Cx

  11. Finally I have written mine!

  12. Brit in Bosnia & claire - Yes I was gutted. I sat there and cried. To be fair to the photographer he offered to pay for the car, church, suit hire etc to take them again but I would not have looked happy and would always have known they were not taken on my wedding day.

    Emma & Muddling Along Mummy - thanks. I loved the full skirt, i felt like a princess for the day.

    Kelly - Im heading over to look now.