Sunday, 31 January 2010

Tiny Little Cute Things

There is nothing more satisfying and relaxing than the click click click of knitting needles and seeing something grow before your eyes.

This is my latest project, a little baby cardigan for L and AM’s forthcoming arrival.

I must admit that I find baby knitting the most rewarding, mainly because of how quickly you can see it taking shape. This one was completed in only 3 evenings (despite being very *special* and managing to sew both button bands onto the same side!)


 A close up of the detail

Next up is a blanket. Better get clicking away to get it finished before June.


  1. That's gorgeous! My knitting ability stretches to scarves for barbies, and even then aren't great!

  2. I have never attempted to try knitting , I can cross stitch and enjoy that very much. Looking at that gorgeous Cardi makes me want to take it up! :)

  3. oh that is so pretty!!!!
    ;) I wish I had the dedication to knit a sweater...I've started a few but never finished ;)

  4. I really enjoy knitting small people's clothes - so nice to see them come together quickly. Its so therapeutic as well