Friday, 9 April 2010

Friends, Sweets & Icecream

Mr C is on mission “decorate Snaffles new bedroom” which means that I have escaped most of the hard work and instead I am left with occupying Snaffles for the day.

Staying in is not really an option as he can not bear to be apart from his Daddy. The only way Daddy will get any peace is if I take Snaffles out.

He is super excited about getting a new room. He has helped choose the paint, wall stickers and new lamp shade. The ceiling has been re-skimmed and he has been monitoring the drying plaster very closely from brown to pink to beige and now “Daddy is making it white”.

So, we have an exciting play date arranged for the afternoon followed by a trip to the cinema to see How To Train Your Dragon.

We already have sweets ready in preparation. 
I am going to try and abstain from sweets and save myself for an ice-cream during the interval from the little old lady with the tray hanging around her neck. Its worth travelling a few extra miles to see a film at this cute little cinema as opposed to the larger, busier cinema in the town.

Does being able to remember cinemas with intervals make me old?

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