Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Gallery - Im A Sinner

This post was written for week 8 of The Gallery - Seven Deadly Sins


Mixing, stirring, tasting at each step, a desire to design, create and consume. Creamy, buttery, sickly sweet, cakes and chocolates are a well earned treat.


  Hooks, needles, pins, soft, gentle, gently spun, colours, textures teasing my greed for more. The click of the needles, the feel of the wool, I have a greed to buy, to make to share.


Each day more arrives, names, addresses, open salutations, flyers, letters, coupons, bills. Scanned, picked over, removed and filed, discarded and binned, retained unopened.


Pride at the little man we managed to create, pride at the young boy he is fast becoming, pride when he thanks strangers for their kindness, pride when he puts others before himself, pride that he fills every moment of my life.


Nuts, bolts, wires and buttons, oil bubbling and travelling through it, anger welling inside me each time it breaks, anger at its unpredictable and unreliable temperament.


Falling into step together, side by side, stolen moments, shared smiles, the unconditional love for each other. Knowing glances shared between father and son, moments I envy, moments I try to capture for myself.


Curved and toned, clothes fit, shapes are flattered, confident to reveal myself to the world. Times have changed and a figure I was once not happy with I now lust to regain.


  1. Wow you attempted all 7! Well done a really great post :) x x x x Lots of menaing and i can realate to a lot of what you have said x x x

  2. Wow - all seven! Hats off to you! So with you on the last one - if only we knew how much we'd one day want back the body we were so dissatisfied with at the time! x

  3. Great post, and I definitely get your feelings about that last pic. If only we'd known that we were just lovely back then. I get so annoyed at the me that I was. I never wore a bikini, ever, and I doubt I ever will. SO glad you got that gorgeous bikini shot. ;D

  4. Wow! You are stunning!
    The other photos are fabby too! but wow! Lust indeed!

  5. Bikini? Don't think I ever wore one past age 9....

  6. I fear I may be misleading you all. That photo was many many moons ago! Pre marriage and child. I do not resemble that photo in any shape or form now.

    At the time it was taken I thought I was fat! Now I can only dream of a day when I will look half as good as I did then!

  7. great pictures :)

    looking good twittwoo

  8. It's funny how we look back at old pictures, at things we didn't like then, and covert them now.

  9. Well done, all seven ;)
    I am the same, before having Isabelle I was complaining I was too fat and now have been trying for 3 years to get back into my "fat" stage ;)))

  10. You turned sins into poetry! Love it.

  11. Great post. I love the one about envy and as for your lust piccie - wow. If only I ever looked that good!

    Thanks so much for the my secret post club gift. I will blog about it sometime this week. Mich x

  12. Very clever post. Love it.

  13. Thank you all for the lovely comments. Considering that at 11pm the night before the gallery I had nothing I am not quite sure where I pulled this post from!

    Mich - glad you liked your bits and congrats again on your fab news.