Friday, 30 April 2010

Little Miss Organised

I haven’t really wondered what people think of me before. They either like me or they don’t,  its their loss.

However, this week I have found myself wondering how other people view me.

When at work I seem to be viewed as the organised, reliable, Snaffles Mummy. 

Ooh a button has come off my jacket - Snaffles Mummy will have a needle and thread,
Ouch, I have hurt myself - Snaffles Mummy will have a plaster,
Wow, that’s a pretty bag, she even has a coordinated makeup bag with essentials in, I bet it belongs to Snaffles Mummy.

I seem to have attracted some sort of reputation as Little Miss Organised.

I am not sure whether  people have always thought this of me or whether it has started since I became a mum. There are only two of us in our department at work with children (or at least children under 16). Are we viewed as working mums, ready for anything or did people think this before we became mothers.

I was a little disappointed at first that I had been so clearly labelled as Little Miss Organised. Being organised, reliable, predictable and dependable didn’t sound like much fun.

Thankfully that didn’t last long. I like being Little Miss Organised, reliable, predictable and dependable. Ok so you are unlikely to find me whisking you away for an unplanned weekend or knocking on your door on a Friday night to hit the town but is that really such a bad thing?

When you need me you know where I will be, that I will welcome you in with open arms and be there until you no longer need me. You know I will listen, give advice and be there for you if things don’t work out.

Tears and laughter, smiles and sorrow.

Yes, Little Miss Organised sounds ok to me.

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  1. LOL-and even if you turn into a scatterbrain no one will believe it and your reputation as being organized will continue.

    I know cause I used to be OCD about cleaning. It has been years since I have managed to maintain those standards and no one believes me still that i am a pig. LOL

  2. Nothing at all wrong with being Little Miss Organised :D Jen.

  3. i think I have a similar reputation in our department too! Must be a mum thing!

  4. Fab, I think it is a great label to gain. I know where to come knocking when I next need something! lol Mich x