Friday, 14 May 2010

Inspired to Create

One of my favourite things about discovering the blogging community is the things I discover and learn on reading other blogs.

From sewing to knitting, baking to crafting, bloggers all over the world and keen to share their art and are happy to post “how to guides”.

There is no secrecy, no aim to keep their craft to themselves and profit from sharing it with others. There is a pride and sense of worth in knowing that other people are as interested in the craft as you and an eagerness to share it with them by teaching them how to recreate the work.

Here are some of my own efforts at crafts I have discovered by fellow bloggers.

“No Sew” Bunting which I discovered via Make It Bake It
(this was a guest post by Redtedart)

There are also many other things on different blogs which I have booked marked on a wish list of things I want to attempt in the future.

Whether you are a beginner or a regular crafter go check out some of the wonderful master pieces being created on other blogs. You may be inspired to try new things or to share your own craft with others.


  1. This is one of my favorite things about bloggers in general, there is such a trusting environment. I am more than happy to share how I make things and often so, thanks for the mention and loving the bunting and the clutch bag.

  2. I am loving the clutch bag that is so cute, I want to know how to do it. I do love the fact that everyone is so willing to tell people how to do things. Everyone is so helpful about things, it is great.

  3. those sugar cubes look amazing! well worth a go i think!

  4. Wow they all look great, you are fab at crafting.

    I'm going to have to steal the pic of the bunting for Make it, Bake it x

  5. ooooooooh am SO excited you made the bunting (was my Guest Post)!! So pleased you made it - and yours came out so beautiful!! Wow!

    Thank you for writing a post on it! (and do link back to where I originally posted it!!)


    Made me smile :-)


  6. PS you may like this project or your fabric scraps?!?!? ;-)

  7. Thanks everyone. Hope you ahve been inspired to try something new.

    Kerry & Mad house - have a look at the link to the clutch, it is very easy. I dont have a machine so sewed by hand and it was still very simple to make.

    Maggy - have changed the post to link to you too and also left my post as a comment on your new sew bunting post. Thanks again for sharing your tutorial.

  8. I have so many different posts bookmarked of things that I would love to sew or make. After drooling over crochet on other people's blogs for the past few months I took the plunge and have taught myself the basics. I am hooked! ( excuse the pun)

  9. Kelly - I too have recenktly taught myself to crochet and its fab. Fits in your bag and can take anywhere.

    I have seen a beautiful cushion cover with crochet edging that I want to attempt.