Sunday, 6 June 2010

Bank Holiday Fun

The recent bank holiday led us to discover some fresh new adventures right on our very own doorstep. Within a 15-20 minute drive from our home lay some quiet spots of beauty which we had previously discarded in favour of spots of beauty further a field.

First we enjoyed a secluded walk in the woods. Sticks and flowers, rivers and hollow trees. A little boys land of adventures for his imagination to run wild.

A little further up to road lies a breath taking working windmill. We knew that this was here and we have admitted it from afar but it seems that by not venturing closer we have been missing out on a restoration of history. 

Hidden at the foot of this spectacular windmill is a miniature railway and an old fashioned sweet shop. There are nooks and crannies, wishing wells and hidden paths. I am sure that when we return we will discover even more hidden around the grounds.

What undiscovered delights are you missing that are on your doorstep?


  1. Wow love the windmill. We try to stay close, sometimes with two I just dont have the energy to drive far!

  2. Love the picture of Snaffles in the grass! We are really lucky we have some gret country parks and walks near where we live plus a gorgeous river which pop princess loves, We were there yesterday and the Swan we have been keeping an eye on has become a mummy with all of her 8 eggs hatched. I'll have to get a pic of her with her babies so cute!

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