Sunday, 13 June 2010

Bedrooms for Big Boys

Of the many things that Snaffles can now do for himself it seems there is no denying anymore that he is no longer a baby. Snaffles is officially a “big boy" with his own little ways of doing things, likes, dislikes and an urge and ability to communicate those to you. 

To mark my "baby" boy turning into a fully fledged little boy we have allowed him to move from his neutral nursery to a larger bedroom. He can now have his favourite things, and toys all in one bedroom/playroom.

He enjoyed helping us choose paint colours, wall stickers, picture frames, bedding and lampshades.

We now spend hours each day playing in here. it’s a lovely little room, very calming but full of fun. 

When he has friends coming to visit he can not wait to show them his new room and let them play in it. For some reason children playing upstairs makes them instantly seem older. (It also makes my living room look tidier!)

It was so nice to see the look on his face when we showed him his new room and to hear him tell us he loves his room and to thank us for it.

Here are a few photos of his new room. 

These coloured storage tubs have made my life so much easier. Snaffles now has different tubs for different types of toys and we can just bring a few downstairs each day and then tidy them back upstairs again.

This is Snaffles favourite thing in his new room and it was the first thing he chose. He got money for his birthday and out of all the toys and things we showed him it was this light that he wanted to buy.

We now have the decorating bug though and want to decorate our bedroom. I have already started sewing linen for when we do ours. I did not suceed in getting Mr C to agree to my prefered choice of pink and floral in a Cath Kidston type design. 

It seems that a deep purple is acceptable though so I am arming myself with fabric before he changes his mind!


  1. Wow!
    Snaffles room looks great:)
    I love love love your fabric :)

  2. I love that light. He's a very lucky boy!

  3. OMG! I totally had that mat as a kid, with the roads on it!

  4. MummyOwl - its looks fab as pillowcases. I will have to post a picture.

    The Moiderer - The light is great and thankfully didnt cost much (around £12 I thin from Next)

    Livi - yes I had one of those car mats too. I think every small person should have one.

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  6. Love the room, where did you get the storage boxes we really really need some of them! x

  7. These are the storage tubs Kerry

    Look around the internet though as you can always get discount codes.

  8. I love the plane light, how fab! Mich x