Tuesday, 8 February 2011

As He Sleeps

One of the last things I do every night is peek in on Snaffles, gaze at him while he sleeps and gently give him one final kiss for the day.

I have done this from the very day he was born. Despite him being 4 now I do not tire at gazing at him as he sleeps. There is something very calming and magical about a sleeping child.

Last night I called Mr C upstairs and we just stood watching our little boy sleep. Any tears and tantrums instantly replaced with thoughts of kisses, cuddles and of the stories he tells of a place only the imagination of a 4 year old can create.

In another 10 weeks we will have another little person asleep (hopefully!) in their moses basket.

It is hard to imagine that we created these little people. That their whole future is in our hands and that we are responsible for helping shape their paths in life.

I am tired, I ache and I am inpatient to meet our second child but one look at a sleeping Snaffles reminds me of how heart-warmingly worth it this will be.


  1. Awwwww bless! He'll seem even bigger when the baby arrives.

  2. I still watch my daughters, the oldest is 10! All the attitude and moodiness is gone from her face and she looks like my baby again!