Thursday, 24 February 2011

Incapable of Resting

As much as I have tried to put off this admission I simply can not deny it any more. I am 32 weeks pregnant and need to accept it. I do not like to have to rely on others and I dont really "do" sitting with my feet up. 

Whilst I might still be physically capable of doing the thing I want to I am slowly coming to accept that letting someone else do these things really is for the best. 

It seems that there is a limit as to how much decorating, painting, furniture assembling and cleaning I can manage without it leaving me totally exhausted and asleep on the sofa by the time Mr C comes home from work.

I might be able to spend 3 hours glossing skirting boards and doors but it will be counteracted with the need to spend the next 3 hours asleep!

I never thought  I would find doing nothing so hard. I appear to have a need to make myself feel needed and useful. 

I just don't seem to be able to do nothing. I seem to be incapable of resting. For now instead I am adopting a more paced approach. Small short bursts of jobs with frequent rest breaks.

Thankfully I only have another 2 weeks left at work, hopefully once I can wave goodbye to my 12 hour work days I will have a little more energy. I also hope that being at home even more will not mean that I am even more tempted to take on tasks which appear to be beyond me now.

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  1. I am perfectly capable of doing nothing but the opportunity never seems to present itself! There just always seems to be something that 'has' to be done. Like now I really should be packing Piran's things for nursery and going to Nanny's tomorrow morning. But I decided to have ten minutes on the laptop while I wait for dinner ;)