Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Listening To Their Whispers

How has my little man gone from this;

To the 4 year old that is laid in bed with a friend over to stay for their first real sleepover? 

They have had what they call their "mini sleepovers" for a while now but this is when we stay over at friends and the children just share a bedroom. 

Tonight we have an over night friend staying without her parents. Hopefully they will be making the most of their night alone together but I suspect, like I would be, that they will instead be sat worrying if their little one has settled ok.

The sleepover seems to have brought just as much excitement as Christmas. They have been inseparable and giggling all around the house since they got together. 

There is something very heartwarming about tucking two children up into beds and sitting downstairs listening them whispering to each other. 

Fingers crossed they both sleep well and have lots of energy for our morning of pottery painting together tomorrow.

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