Friday, 25 March 2011

Aches, Aches & More Aches

The closer it gets to our due date the more fed up I seem to be getting. I am loving my maternity leave so far. I am seeing lots more of Snaffles and Mr C and spending lots of quality time with them both and we are all very excited about what the next few weeks holds.

However, I am fed up. Either I have forgotten the "bad" bits of pregnancy or mentally blocked them out but I don't remember being like this with Snaffles.

My pelvis aches
My back aches
My hips ache
I can't sleep more than a couple of hours at a time
I am so so tired
Bending down is no longer a quick process

Thank goodness the sun is coming out again so that I no longer have to worry about reaching my feet to put socks on! 

Everything is going well though and apart from the usual aches I am lucky to be having a "textbook" pregnancy.

Despite knowing first hand that due dates can come and go with no excitement we are still counting down the days. With (hopefully) 24 days to go I am entertaining myself making last minute knits for the baby and relaxing in the nursery.


  1. Ah yes, surely you can't have blocked all those things from memory? I am 15 weeks with number three but empathising with you already!

  2. You obviously have my sympathy. I have had enough of all of those too! My hips at night are the worst and I would give a lot of money to be able to sleep on my back!