Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Last Days

My last day at work has finally arrived. After today I will be on maternity leave. I have worked until 34 weeks and am now going to spend some time at home with my little boy before our lives are turned upside down by our imminent arrival.

It feels very strange to know that I will not be at work for several months. No structure to my days, no routine, no adult company during the day.

It is also very exciting though.

No more feeling the guilt as I drive 50 miles away from Snaffles each work day. No more heart wrenching pleas from Snaffles for me not to go to work. Not having to hear him say he has missed me and cried for me in the day.

I can now be involved in his activities at nursery, I will get to see him play with his friends and speak to his nursery teachers. We can walk in the park, feed the ducks and have fun in the garden. I will get to watch him start school for the first time in September and see the new friends he makes.

These are all things I would have missed if it wasn’t for my maternity leave.

I am crossing my fingers that the sun comes out to play soon and that we can fit lots of fun into the last few weeks we have as a family of 3.

Me and my 34 week bump


  1. Aw, enjoy your time off, and hope it all goes well!

  2. Soooo exciting!! Enjoy the last few weeks before 3 becomes 4. Hope it all goes super well for you all!!!


  3. Oooo, how exciting for you all. Enjoy your time before the new baby arrives - fab bump picture by the way! xx

  4. It's a great feeling finishing for maternity leave, isn't it? I finished at 34 weeks with no2 too and had some lovely weeks with my eldest before her sister was born. Hopefully the weather will be kind and allow you to get out and about too. Enjoy!

  5. Ah hope you have some special time with your little boy, I'm looking forward to my maternity leave too, can't come quick enough. Enjoy.

  6. @I Heart Motherhood

    so far so good. loving being able to be involved in his nursery drop off and collection. Feel like a "proper" mummy

  7. @growingmyfamilytree

    Loving it already. Been out on the trampoline, scooter and bike.