Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Helpless is how unfair life can be and not being able to do anything about it.

Helpless is hearing that a family member has been rushed into hospital.

Helpless is watching your mums world crumble as her twin brother passes away.

Helpless is knowing that you both have to go and tell a very frail dad and grandad that he has outlived another of his children.

Helpless is knowing that his heart is so so weak already with no room in it for anything other than each breath.

Helpless is hearing him wish to trade places.

Helpless is hearing him say he can not live through this.

Helpless is the constant worry that he might be right.

Helpless is wanting to do more for people but having it rejected.

Helpless is knowing that there is nothing you can do.


  1. I just saw your tweet about the cakes for the wake. Sorry for your loss. Such a difficult thing to write about, but so eloquently put.