Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Me, running, no really!

There are some things in life that I know I will never do, things I have no desire to achive, for instance a bungie jump is one.

This time last week I also thought running was on that list. I had never had a desire to attempt running. However, I had watched the London marathon, followed dawns marathon journey realised that despite a few hardened athletes they all generally looked like normal people, people with jobs, family's and some carrying a spare tyre just like me.

I decided this running lark might be worth a go. Now steady on, I'm not talking of a marathon type mission but more of a few leisurely miles maybe.

The NHS couch to 5km app was recommend by a friend. Starting with intervals of 60 seconds running and 90 seconds walking seemed manageable.

Both Mr C and snaffles had a shocked look on their faces when I suddenly announced I was going for a run.

I have now completed week 1, three 'runs', that's 90 minutes of excercise last week, 24 of which were running. It doesn't sound like much to some but to me its 24 minutes of running I never imagined I would achieve (even of they were in 60 second bursts).

Now on to week 2.


  1. Wow well done you. 1 week done already! It's a little bit addictive isn't it? Although I still haven't worked out why

  2. Well done you!

    Did the couch to 5k programme a couple of years ago and it was brilliant - can run 6km now and feel so much healthier

  3. Good luck! I find running addictive too, it's great to chart your progress and see yourself improving. I've used a similar programme to build up running and it works really well.

  4. Well done! I know a lot of people who have had a lot of success with C25k. XX