Friday, 28 September 2012

The One Where I Caused a Ride To Be Stopped...

It doesn’t matter how many brave and exciting new rides the theme parks invent you cant beat a ride on the merry go round with your children. I love sharing a horse with my small people and hearing them giggle as they ride.

Or at least I used to love that. It seems another fun pastime has fallen victim to the bizarre hurdle that is health and safety gone mad. (Yummy Mummy agrees with me and is frustrated that scooters are now banned at her child's school)

During our trip to Cornwall we decided to spend a day at Flambards.

Upon seeing the merry go round I was excited and looking forward to taking my boys on it. Snaffles is old enough to have his own horse and I was going to ride with Munchie.

WRONG! Instead, Munchie and I were told it was a maximum of 1 person to a ride and that we would have to ride in a carriage instead. Seriously, who wants to ride in a carriage when they can ride on a horse!?!

So, I may have been a little bit naughty and ventured onto a horse towards the inside hoping we wouldn’t be spotted. The attendant walked around and did his checks, the rides started moving and I thought we had got away with it. WRONG AGAIN.

Much to Mr C’s amusement I caused the ride to be stopped and we were asked to vacate the horse and move to a carriage as it was one person per horse.

So OK, rules are rules and he’s only doing his job. I guess he didn’t make the rules.

However, if we were being relegated to a carriage due to health and safety then surely the teenagers riding side saddle or handing from one foot plate were just as unsafe?

Now I could be nice and keep my mouth shut and let the teenagers have their fun.

Or, I could spit my dummy out.

Which would you choose? Maybe I am mean, maybe I am getting old or maybe I was just seriously cheesed off at health and safety gone mad.

You can probably guess by now that I failed to keep my mouth shut and may have delayed the ride further to argue with the attendant about the injustice of me being asked to move whilst the teenagers pleased themselves.

His response was “well they are only one person per horse as the rules state” SERIOUSLY.

This didn't go down very well with me at all and and I may have said something along the lines of "so provided there is only 1 of me on the horse I can do whatever I like on it?"

I don't know whether he came around to my way of thinking or just wanted rid of the crazy lady on the horse, but either way he made the teenagers sit down on their horses if they wanted to ride.

I didn't want to cause a scene or have to argue but clearly they were acting more dangerously than a mother sitting safely with her child!

We spent our ride receiving evil glares from the teenagers, mistrusting looks off the attendant and a combination of amusement and awe from Mr C.

What would you have done? 


  1. Hee, hee! Silly rules really get on my goat too. Good for you standing your ground! A horse is far more fun than a silly boring carriage!

  2. You are totally right! H&S (or using it as an excuse) has gone totally overboard. It deprives our children of exploring limits.

    We went to playmobil funpark a month ago and I was so pleasantly surprised at how "dangerous" the climbs were. Similarly in Oxford they have refurb the playgrounds and there are some "hazards" like rock wall, stepping stones. I love it that this gives the chance for children to realise that there dangers and they need to learn to evaluate them.

  3. Absolutely barmy! One of the joys of parenthood is taking your child on the horse for the first time and holding them around their waist whilst they giggle and laugh on a ride that is a classic.

    I completely agree that the teenagers were probably more in danger of having an accident if they weren't staying seated.

    Since when did the world decide mothers couldn't judge safety for themselves? By imposing such rigid rules the attendant was essentially telling you that you weren't looking after your child properly. When did people stop thinking for themselves. He should have judged the situation individually, not imposed sweeping rules without due consideration.

    Just my view though. I shall get down off my high horse now - after all, I might injure myself!