Friday, 19 October 2012

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I don’t feel like we have a garden. We have space at the back of our house but its not what I would class as a garden.

My boys love being outdoors. In the summer months I have to bargain with them just to keep them inside at a weekend until an acceptable time to let the neighbours wake up first.

There were many days this year where they were outside all day. They are never happy when it is very hot and I make them come out of the sun for a while.

However, our outside space does not really cater to our needs and does not allow us to utilise the space as often as we could.

If it is sunny and dry then its fine and we can play outside. However, if it has rained within the last 7 days then the grass remains a bog. That means that from pretty much October-April we are not able to play on the grass (or venture onto the grass to hand washing out!)

Here are a few pictures of the space and how its not working for us;

  • As well as our own weeds we also have the neighbours weeds growing through the fence.  
  •  This is a view of the whole garden, we have patio doors straight onto the garden so it has the potential to be a great indoor/outdoor space.  
  • The “patio” is wobbly, covered in mildew and just generally needs some attention. 
  • The trampoline is sinking in the bog of grass.  
  • This clematis is my only living plant!  
  • We have no back gate so I can not leave the boys outside unattended (this is mainly Munchie). 
  • Believe it or not this is actually a border, I keep clearing the weeds out but then nothing gets done and they soon grow back.
 We lack in skills and expertise to make this transformation ourselves. We know what we do not like about it but we are not really sure what we can do or where to start to make any improvements.

Please help us Rated People.

I want to consider my garden to be another room of my home. A place to share with my family and friends, for playing, relaxing, socialising and learning in. A space filled with the fun and laughter shared with my boys.

Here are a few of the things I would like my garden to have and to represent;

  • A gate for safety, Some decking for socialising on, 
  • A patio heater for warmth, 
  • Paving for the trampoline and toys to go on for year round fun, 
  • Stepping stones made by the children so the garden was functional and personal, 
  • A raised flower bed to garden in with my children, 
  • A hammock to relax in, 
  • Crochet blankets for cuddles, picnics and tent building, 
  • Bunting for, well who can resist garden bunting (ok, maybe you can Sally) gardening
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  1. I love the idea of having a hammock in the garden and the blankets which are multipurpose.

  2. Love the idea of the children making the stepping stones. Good luck!

  3. @Monika aka mumonthebrink

    My friend has a hammock in her garden and I love it. Although knowing my children they would push me out of it!

  4. @Erica Price

    I know, when we do eventually get round to the garden I cant wait to do this. I want to do a stone each.

  5. Good afternoon Snaffles mummy and thank you from Rated People for entering the Tots 100 competition. Thanks for putting so much time and effort into you blog.
    Adam Walker