Monday, 26 November 2012

Practical (yet stylish!) knitwear for Winter '12/'13

At last we have a fashion trend for winter 2012/2013 that’s practical and stylish. Earlier this year, knitwear popped up all over the catwalks during the London, Paris, and Milan fashion weeks thanks to high-end designers like Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Michael Kors, and Pringle of Scotland. Keep warm this winter with some great ready-to-wear pieces that should be on every woman’s wish list:

Back to Basics: The Cardigan Sweater

Cardigans are a winter wardrobe staple because they can be dressed up or down to fit the occasion—worn with a pencil skirt or black pants in the office, or with a pair of jeans at home or on a lunch date. As expected, the Pringle of Scotland knitwear collection has some great pieces this year, including an opal blue angora cardigan and a cashmere cardigan in wine—one of this season’s hottest colours. If button-downs aren’t your thing, invest in a staple turtleneck or V-neck instead.

For Layering: Shawls and Capes
Whenever you feel a chill at the office or around the house, your first urge is to throw on something bulky for extra warmth. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw personal style out the window. The solution? A knitwear shawl or cape. Marc Jacobs offers a particularly nice wool shawl in greyish purple to cover your cold shoulders in the height of winter. Third-wear pieces like capes and shawls look best in solid colours, and you can ramp up the fashion by adding a pair of boots to the ensemble.

Dressed Up: The Knitwear Little Black Dress

Hot new designers like Alice Palmer and Amy Hall are giving knitwear a more sensual side by creating pieces that are more sculpted than traditional knitted pieces. This shift is putting knitwear in high demand for more formal looking winter dresses. Palmer’s winter “Vertigo” collection includes some stunning dresses in a black, white, and silver colour palette that would be perfect for a winter formal event, especially when paired with elbow-length gloves.

Office Sophistication: Lightweight Blouses

Great knitwear doesn’t have to be bulky; in fact, it can be quite chic and trendy. This year, the St. John collection has some great lightweight knitwear blouses featuring high shine materials and cowlneck and asymmetrical necklines. The real stand-out is the softly knit wool peplum sweater, which works great for the office when paired with a pencil skirt and a belt.

Bundling Up: Knitwear Accessories
Of course, knitwear has long been considered a staple material for outerwear—scarves, gloves, and hats—and this season is no exception. But the new trend for winter 2012/2013 is to look for pieces that will brighten up your look. Bold colours like mustard yellow, tangerine, emerald green, purple, and fuchsia are in style this season, so if you don’t want to make them your outfit’s main event, choose them for your accessories instead.

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