Tuesday, 8 January 2013

5 Things That Are Getting On My Nerves

Take your pick of things to blame my following rant on, full of cold, back to work and school, lack of sleep or maybe I'm just plain grumpy! You have been warned.

There seems to be lots of small things that have gotten on my nerves recently, nothing news worthy or life threatening but enough for me to want to rant.

1. Cyclists who cycle at night dressed entirely in black with only a poxy little reflector. They must know that cyclists are vulnerable road users and particularly at night so why not do more to make yourself visible?

2. Naked women in the gym changing rooms. I understand that nakedness is required at certain stages of the shower and dressing ritual but a towel is there for a reason. I don't want to walk into the changing room to find you starkers, bent over with your star pointing at me.

3. Christmas tree needles. How can the tree have been down since Boxing Day, all furniture moved and the entire room hoovered yet I am still finding tree needles!?

4. Starbucks offers. Why are all of their offers always prior to 11am or after 2:30pm? I understand that lunch time is a busy time and very profitable but it is also the peak time for regular loyal customers like me who feel unrewarded by these offers.

5. Snot. This is a major gripe at the minute. Every child, surface and item of clothing seems to be covered in it at the minute and now I can also thank my lovely children for sharing their germs with me too. Escaping to work every without snot trails on my clothes is like some battle of skills that I don't seem to possess.

So, that's it, rant over (for now at least). What's getting on your nerves at the minute?

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