Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Family, Food and Gifts

Well, we survived Christmas and normality has resumed today (save for a further few days of passing Snaffles from pillar to post until school resumes).

Both boys were a good level of spoilt without being excessive. Snaffles got a bike and Munchie a car garage. Although given that Munchie spent most of Christmas day walking around cuddling his tube of white chocolate buttons and Snaffles first response to “what did Santa Bring you” being a watch and toothbrush I may downscale next years gifts!!!

It wasn’t the excessively huge piles of gifts, large family meals and Christmas days in a posh restaurant that I have seen on most peoples Facebook pages but it was still a very good Christmas to us.

We were off work and school, we had lots of time together, we haven’t left the house for most of it but we avoided Norovirus and the flu. I escaped having to divorce Mr C as he had the sense not to buy me a onesie. We managed to eat Christmas dinner just the four of us together, I may have forgotten to cook half the things I had planned and I might have been 2 hours later than intended but I made it and they ate it so that’s a success in my books.

We took pleasure in the small things, Snaffles taking Munchie by the hand to go and find his stocking. Munchie deciding toys are ok but a sieve for a hat is far better and cozy afternoon cuddles on the sofa.

We have no resolutions. I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing but we are doing just fine as we are so intend to keep that up. Lots of small things together as a family and making the most of the time, money, places we go. Hopefully we will achieve some fantastic things though the year but if we don’t, we will have a great time together anyway.

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