Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Gallery - Bond

One of our biggest concerns when Munchie was born was how Snaffles would react. When you have spent 4 years having mummy and daddy’s total attention, sharing that with someone else must be hard to understand.

We have been so lucky that Snaffles has loved Munchie from the day he was born. He was his first visitor and they have been each others idol ever since.

They have their moments like all siblings do but Snaffles patience and kindness towards his little brother fills me with so much pride and far outweighs their arguing.

Munchie is a typical 1 year old, he demands things, doesn’t always share, rips paper, eats small toys, gets cross when he doesn’t get his own way and hits out in frustration.

Despite all of this Snaffles remains kind and patient with Munchie. When he gets a toy out of his bedroom he usually gets one for Munchie too. When I have forgotten to take Munchies shoes off I have found them sat on the floor together with Snaffles helping Munchie take them off.

When Munchie is being grumpy, Snaffles knows just where to tickle him to make him smile again.

Snaffles helps him when he is stuck with his shape sorter or when he is trying to reach something that is just a little too high for him.

They are the first person the other reaches for after school and when they wake.

Last week the school had a toy sale. The children could take 50p in and buy a toy with it. Snaffles bought Munchie a book with his money and made my heart melt.

In return for Snaffles attention and kindness Munchie follows him around in admiration. He watches how Snaffles plays with his cars and copies the movements and sounds from him. He will share his treats with his big brother and give cuddles and hugs.

When Snaffles is at school Munchie spendsmost of the day asking for him.

At bed time they cuddle up in bed together for a few more stolen moments before they are separated for the night.

“Munchieis the person I love the most in the whole world”
BySnaffles, Aged 5

How can I be disappointed that I am not his favourite person when he has developed such a strong bond with his brother?

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