Tuesday, 5 February 2013

How to Make A Skylanders Portal Of Power Cake

Since joining team Skylanders Snaffles is hooked on them. It was no shock that I decided to make a Skylanders cake.  I had seen a few Skylanders cakes on the Internet and then I was inspired by Mummy Rates It portal of power cake.

It's actually easier than it looks to make and very forgiving. Any cracks or bumps are easily covered or make to look intentional.

Step 1
Make your cake, crumb ice it . Cover the sides in a rectangle of grey icing and the top in a circle of white icing (use the cake tin to cut around).

Step 2
Cut some random shapes from your white icing which will later be used as hieroglyphics.

Step 3
Roll a long thin rectangle of grey icing long enough to go around the cake, place this around the outside of the cake, against the top edge.

Step 4
Roll a circle of grey icing (cut a little bigger than the cake tin you used) and then use a small bowl or similar to cut a smaller circle from then middle. Place this on top of the cake.

(mine was looking wonky and misshapen by this point but keep with me)

Step 5
Cut some rectangles from the grey icing and place these around the cake as pillars. There are supposed to be 8 but I only had room for 6 and score some lines into the icing like a brick effect. 

Step 6
Cut out some random shapes from the white icing to use as hieroglyphs and stick to the pillars.

Step 7
Add some green ribbon to the base and add a Skylander of your choice on top.


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  1. Thanks my little cousin wants me to make him one for his birthday this has really helped