Friday, 8 March 2013

Bye Bye Cot?

Tonight I am sat at the top of the stairs keeping guard for Munchie. We are hoping that tonight will be his first night in his toddler bed. He is a little older than Snaffles was when he moved to a bed but is such a monster at night that we have tried to avoid moving him.

However, with summer trips away, hotels and camping coming up we really need to know that he can settle in a bed. He is too big for travel cots now when we go away.

Given that bedtime usually involves anything from quiet talking in his cot to shouting, crying, throwing things out of his cot, pulling on the blinds and tipping his toy kitchen over I am expecting a battle.

He has to sleep eventually and provided he stays in his room I don’t really care whether he falls asleep in his bed or on his floor.

He loves Snaffles bed and has to go cuddle in Snaffles bed every night before bedtime. We have on several occasions given him the chance to settle down with Snaffles but the allure of Lego and Playmobil overcomes him and he hops out to play with Snaffles toys.

Strangely I thought I would feel sad when he moved out of his cot. It is the end of another baby part of him and the last time there willever be a cot in our house. Between getting rid of the cot and the stair gate recently it feels much more like a house with 2 children rather than one with a child and a baby.

Maybe I should have run a sweepstake for how long I will be satup here for!

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