Saturday, 23 March 2013

Lazy Weekends

This weekend has been filled with tired parents and children, several of whom haven't quite felt 100%. We have spent a lot of time in pyjamas and some of us have only left the house for an hour or so. Its been a very lazy weekend for us. 

However, whilst we haven't been out and done much we have enjoyed our time in the house together and done things that we enjoy. Films, lego, crafting, baking and generally enjoying some of the more peaceful things in our lives. 

Waking up to this is wearing very thin. There is only so long that playing in the snow is exciting for. 

We have indulged in homemade bread. A super easy and Delicious recipie from Paul Hollywood. Slices lashed with thick butter and filled with fried eggs. Comfort food at its best. 

The boys have played on the computer (or at least one has tried and the other has restricted). 

Cheeky faces have protested against tiredness. 

Mummy has indulged in hookie crochet time with pretty colours and small creations for the office and had urges to create rainbow wrist warmers.

and practiced new stitches while babies napped. 

And cheesecakes were created and shared with family and friends. 

Sometimes you don't need to make plans to enjoy the weekend. It was nice to each do what we felt like doing whilst still spending the days together. 

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