Monday, 18 March 2013

The Move To A Bed

I will admit that moving Munchie from his cot to a bed was scaring me. It was something we knew we would have to do but neither me nor Mr C had any hope that he would stay in his bed long enough to fall asleep.

Munchies cries of “no no no mummy” as I dismantled the cot only added to my fear.

He has a cotbed which involves totally dismantling it and converting it into a bed. There wasn’t the luxury of quickly adding the side back on if things went disastrously wrong.

The First Night
I decided to set up camp at the top of the stairs, that way if he did get out I could catch him quickly and put him back to bed. We had baths, cuddles and stories in his bed before telling him he would be a big boy like Snaffles sleeping in a big boys bed.

I had barely sat down before he had made it back to me. Back he went though and only a few tears and then there was silence. So for the next 25 minutes I ended up sat on the top of the stairs listening to him wriggle about and be quiet, too scared of setting him off again to go and check if he was asleep or not.

He was up super early on Saturday morning (5:00am!) but after laying with him for a while he went back to sleep again until 8:00am. (This isn't something I like to do but at that time of the morning I am willing to do almost anything if it prevents Snaffles from being woken up!)

The Second Night
He didn’t get out of his bed once and stayed in bed until 8:30am! (Happy Mothers Day to me!)

The Third Night
I didn’t sit on the top of the stairs and he didn’t get out once. I was particularly impressed this time because Snaffles was in the room next door having an epic meltdown and we had guests downstairs too.

He has woken a few times in the middle of the night and I have had to go and settle him but he has stayed in his bed.

It seems to be taking 20-30 minutes for him to settle on an evening which is no longer than it did in a cot and if there are far less bedtime tears and destruction from him. He knows when its bedtime, gets his books and toddles into bed ready for his story.

Naptimes have been a little harder but I guess he is missing out on a lot more at nap time than at bed time. I am hoping naps will settle down too. He does at least stay in his bed, he just crys about it.

He looks like he likes his new bed. 

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