Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Who Will Turn Up? Womens Institute

This time tomorrow I will be sat in our local community centre starting what will hopefully be a new branch of the Women’s Institute.

Another branch started in a nearby village last year and has already reached its maximum capacity and has over 20 people on its waiting list. A very impressive start for such a new group.

I really do hope that this one follows in its footsteps. 

I am excited to see who will turn up. Who will want to be more involved and be on the committee and what activities our members would like to see our branch to cover.

I have been told that the trick to a successful branch and smooth running is a good supportive committee group. So fingers crossed that not only do people turn up, they are keen to be involved too.

I have seen other branches cover quizzes, DIY skills, presentations from authors and Womens Aid and supporting various local charities.

I am very excited about this but also very very nervous that the only people there will be myself and the few others involved in getting it up and running and no one else.

Still, at least there will be tea and cake for us if not!

I am keeping everything crossed that we are not alone. 

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