Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A Brighter Desk - Crochet In The Workplace

Sometimes a little bit of colour and something personal can make you smile during the day. 

My dull, dated office with its remnants of sellotape and bluetac on the walls needs a lot TLC. There is not a great deal I can do with it but I figured even a few small things might help brighten it up. 

When I started I inherited a pen pot and a paper clip pot. Both made of wood and looking rather battered.
I took my lunch hour, some left over wool and set to task at brightening up my pots. I loved them so much that I made a second set to send to a friend who had started a new job. The inspiration came from Attic 24 herb pots but you can easily adapt this to fit most containers. Mine fits my existing pots and my friends fits around a tuna can and a baked bean can. 

Just seeing these has me lusting after some rainbow striped wrist warmers. 

See, how much prettier does that look. Its a shame I cant yarn bomb my entire office! 

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