Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Dear Munchie

To Our Darling Munchie, 

Today you turn two (not 4 as you keep stating) 

This time last year I could not believe that our baby was now a toddler. Now I can not believe that my toddler lasted less than 12 months and you are a little boy now.

You run, jump, play football, climb on things which makes mummy’s heart skip a beat and cry when its time to come inside.

You seem to know no fear when you are playing yet still love to come running to mummy for comfort when you are unsure about things.

You like cake and chocolate, Thomas the Tank and Fireman Sam, hiding in tents and drawing. You love  going on our bikes rides together.

You have a huge love for books and take one to bed every night. Each night when we come to bed we have to prise books from your little arms.

 Your favourite person in the whole world continues to be Snaffles. I hope this never changes. You are the first and last people the other looks for at bed time and in the mornings. You sit on each others beds watching DVD’s and reading stories and our hearts swell with pride and love for you both.

You dislike windy days,  snow and not being allowed to have your own way and you have mastered the art of a good tantrum! 

Your speech has suddenly appeared all at once and you have gone from a little boy who babbles mama and dada to one who says whole sentences.

Hearing you say “whats that noise?”, “where are you dada?” and “more cake please” still takes me by surprise. You can tell us what you want to eat and drink and what you want to do.

I love how you still fit so perfectly into that space at the side of my neck when you need a cuddle and how you press your little hands on my cheeks for a kiss.

I hope you enjoy your birthday. There will be cake so you are bound to be pleased.

Love you to the moon and back
Mummy &  Daddy

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