Wednesday, 17 April 2013

In Quarintine

When I collected Munchie from nursery on Monday I was met with the dreaded greeting of 'we've noticed some spots'. It seems that around tea time the nursery staff noticed a few spots on Munchie, by the time I had arrived more spots had appeared.

Despite me knowing that the pox are usually preceded by cold like symptoms and general unwellness, and despite me knowing Munchie was like this last week I was still in denial last night.

Maybe he would wake up spot free? Denial!

That evening was spent listening out for Munchie to stir and debating how we were going to juggle work and poorly child duty. After having time off over half term to spend with the children we are both sinking at work. I drew the short straw yesterday and Mr C was in charge today. I spent most of yesterday sat on the sofa with a sorry for himself Munchie who could not bear for you to leave his side.

A severe lack of sleep and  sad wriggly child in my bed at 5am soon moved me from denial to acceptance.

Last night involved a significant lack of any sleep as Munchie would only settle when laid on my chest.

He doesn't have a vast amount of spots on his body but his poor nappy area is covered in the tiny horrid blistery spots. Being not 100% is bad enough when you are little let alone not being able to go out. Poorly children are much easier to look after when you can take them outside and distract them.

Mummy prescribed cuddles, sticker books and white chocolate buttons yesterday. It didnt seem to provide much disctration.

Tonight we are going for it. We are armed with Piriton, Calpol and Virasooth! Wish us sleep filled luck.

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