Thursday, 27 June 2013

A Growing Love - The Gym

My whole gym membership thing started more as a means to an end sort of thing. I wanted to lose weight so figured the gym would help achieve that.

I would reluctantly pack my bag and wander off to the gym no more than twice a week. My intensity and times were both low but I figured it had to be better than sitting at home on the sofa for the evening.

Mr C also joined the gym at the same time and fitting it in around work and the children takes some fine tuning. I would regularly give up my gym slot so that Mr C could go.

However, several months in and I think it is safe to say I am loving it.  Not only for the exercise and health benefits but it has also reclaimed some time for me. Saturday was a horrible day with the children and all I could think about all day was the thought of escaping to the gym once Mr C got home again.

It is also an excuse to buy more gym clothes. There is quite a funky selection out there now isn't there? There is also such a huge selection to choose from. I stumbled across in my hunt for more clothes/equipment for my exercise.

I no longer hand over the gym time to Mr C so freely. If anything I am selfish with it. My time and intensity of the machines are now increasing. Thanks to spending a bit of extra money on a personal trainer I am seeing results quicker and also learning how to get the best out of my work outs. So far the trainers have been great. They understand that we cant all be at the gym all day every day and have shown me how to get the most out of the time I can spend at the gym. The effect of this means that even when I am not having a PT session I still know how to put the hard work in.

I now average 3 gym sessions a week. If I miss more than 1 day at the gym I miss the feeling of my muscles aching. You cant beat the feeling of abs that ache when you laugh. Got to be doing something right.

On the days I cant make it to the gym (usually because its Mr C's turn) I often miss it so much that I have taken to doing an arms or abs routine at home. 

Smaller targets are definitely helping. Those hidden away smaller trousers fitting again or being able to see my feet past my belly again mean I am heading the right way. Small steps in the right direction. 

There are still lots of classes and exercises I want to try out but its nice to keep having new things to try. Last night was body combat. I was a little scared and afraid of turning the wrong way and punching someone. I am not blessed with coordination.  

Are you are gym lover or hater? What is your favourite gym class?  

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  1. I am a gym lover now. I didn't used to be but now I am there most mornings at 6.30a.m. I have made some lovely friends there too. I must say if ever I miss for a few days I feel awful. Seems the more energy you use the more you get, don't you agree?