Monday, 10 June 2013

Face -v- BMX Track!

I have written on here before about Snaffles love for BMX riding since he learnt how to ride his bike without stabilisers.

He started visiting the BMX track late last year. At that point he was riding a 12 inch bike and it took a lot of effort to get the speed up on those tiny wheels to actually make it around the track. We knew he needed a bigger bike but he had to wait until Christmas for one.

He is now on an 18inch bike. This makes it much easier to get around the track and his little legs don’t have to pedal ten to the dozen.

Now that the summer has started there is a local BMX group which meets once a week to encourage the bikers to learn to ride and race together and also learn how to set off from the starting ramp. There are a vast range of riders and ages and it is nice for him to be part of a group and gain the advice from other riders. He loves track night.

Some weeks we all go and take it in turns to watch Snaffles ride and play with Munchie. Other weeks only Daddy and Snaffles go.

With it being a fairly new hobby we only bought the minimum amount of equipment to make sure he liked it before investing. We have the bike, gloves, long sleeve/legged clothing and of course his helmet. So far the track organisers have been happy for him to ride wearing only a standard helmet. He had not been able to get enough speed up to cause much damage to himself to date.

However, he seems to have really found his confidence on the track now and is going much faster.  Bigger wheels means he can build up more speed and more speed on the BMX racing track means he now actually leaves the ground on occasions. But, the faster you are going the less time you have to save yourself from a fall. 

Last week saw his first fast fall whilst on the track.

He came home from track night this week looking like this!

Part of me is sad I wasn’t there to comfort him but then part of me knows he had Daddy there and I would have been a mess. Even seeing him come home like this left me feeling sick. He had a cry, was assisted from the track by other riders and Daddy dispensed medicinal cuddles and then Snaffles got back on and carried on racing.

The organisers have now loaned him a full face helmet to ride in until we can find somewhere that supply full face helmets  small enough to fit him.

I know this is unlikely to be his worst injury and I suspect every track night will fill me with worry and awaiting a call to say he is en route to hospital! 

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