Monday, 10 June 2013

Pure Loser - The 5 Week Results

Ever since having Munchie I have been determined to lose weight. The weight had been coming off slowly but seemed to reach a plateau. Towards the end of 2012 I joined a gym (Pure Gym) to hopefully give my weight loss a kick start again. 

Six weeks ago I joined a weight loss course which they run called “Pure Loser”. It is a 5 week course with nutritional advice together with fat burning exercise classes.

I was very nervous at my first meeting.  Dreading stepping on the scales and having measurements and body fat readings taken. I was convinced I was going to be the biggest person there by far.

There was a nice mix of people there, both in terms of sizes and ages. The biggest loser from the last course had lost an impressive 11kg. I knew that was some serious weight loss. I have plenty to lose but was happy with a steadier loss. I was hoping that 1 stone  (around 6kg).

The first two weeks were really hard but I was very pleased with the results. I had lost around 3kg in two weeks putting me very much on track for my goal. I think the fast start caught up with me though as the remaining weeks saw only 0.8 kg loss over 3 weeks.

During the weeks I could see my clothes getting bigger and could actually see past my belly to the floor again. It is a great feeling.

During these weeks I saw my personal trainer, I attended the gym at least twice a week and I stuck as best I could to the nutritional advice. I actually surprised myself with how much and how often we were encouraged to eat and that I was actually enjoying the meal ideas. One of the biggest lessons I learn was just how little water I was drinking. 

I will admit that I was disappointed with the final weigh in. I really thought I had done better and that a stone should have been achievable.

However, the course instructor said to keep smiling  and that measurements can often say more than the scales. She took my hip and waist measurements and did my body fat analysis reading;

My over all result was;
Weight: 3.8kg loss
Hips: 8cm loss
Waist: 14cm loss
Body fat: 1% reduction

Now that I am very pleased with! When you measure that out that is a lot of excess fat! I am now only 4kg off my pre Snaffles weight.

I have managed to buy a pair of jeans in a size smaller and I have dug out my smaller work trousers. They are not quite comfortable enough to wear but they are one step closer to joining my work wardrobe and I can’t wait for the to fit again.

This is the difference in my work trousers. Saggy bum trousers are currently being held up with a safety pin!

It just goes to show how worthwhile it is to take body measurements. When you are disheartened by the results on the scales you could be surprised at the centimetres lost elsewhere. 

We are now on a short break and I intend to re-enrol in the next cycle of the course. I am trying my best to maintain the hard work until the course starts again.

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