Saturday, 29 June 2013

Ta Da... Interlocking Ripple Blanket

This has been my largest and longest works of love. Several other smaller projects have come and go during the lifetime of this one. Lazy days, snow days, poorly children days, holidays, car trips. This blanket has grown with every place we have been.

It made a great winter project. Reaching a size to cover your lap and keep you warm as you worked on it.

But finally after hours and hours of precious crochet time and numerous samples, swatches and colour combinations worked up as I tried to figure out what I wanted the border to be and hundreds of ends sewn in my blanket is finally finished.

Waves and waves of gorgeous bright colours. Colours which I am unlikely to have chosen to go together yet work so beautifully well. My huge rainbow blanket is filled with love. 

I have been so very close to the end for several months but the boarder had me torn. A border can make or break a blanket. its like chosing the right frame for a photograph. Did I echo the ripples on the border or contrast it with something more uniform like straight lines? I opted for a wide border of half treble crochet. 

This pattern is so delightful to work up. Those first few rows are tiresome and can make you wonder what you are letting yourself in for. Bear with it though, it is so worth it and after those first few setting up rows it soon becomes effortless. Like a dance between wool and crochet hook. up and down the ripples appear. 

Despite all of the hard work and love I have poured into my blanket it seems to have been claimed by one of the other things created by hard work and love.....

His technicolor dream coat for watching TV with.

His nap time blanket

And his poorly blanket.

It's a good job I love him!

The pattern is Attic 24 interlocking ripple blanket and the yarn is Stylecraft Special DK Lucy pack. 


  1. WOW! That's gorgeous. I have a big project that's going to take forever, but you've spurred me on to pick it up this weekend.

  2. Thanks you.
    Yes, you should pick t back up. It will be so satisfying.

  3. That is blooming gorgeous. You are so clever

  4. That's lovely - must get on and finish mine

    Really like your edging

  5. Fabulous! Spotted it on Lucy's group on Ravelry and just had to come tell you how lovely it is.

    O. xx