Sunday, 1 September 2013

Unplanned Progects

Sometimes it's nice to abandon the planning, the research and the colour dilemmas in favour of something spontaneous. 

I could not resist venturing into my local wool shop recently.  My weakness for wool was rewarded with my favourite word. SALE. 

 I managed to pick up this ball of King Cole Riot at a bargain of a price. I had no idea on what or when it would be used but the colours were too much to resist. 

Upon further caressing once I got back to my office I drooled over its softness and how beautifully it dropped. 

I knew a scarf would show it off perfectly and stumbled across this infinity scarf pattern and knew it would be perfect. 

Worked round and round in spirals, a pattern where stitch counts and twists did not matter. A truly wonderful pattern where you can switch off your mind and let the wool turn into a scarf before your eyes. 

Mr C was due to be out a few evenings that week. I had been too tired to attempt any ambitious crafting so a simple scarf was just right.

This is what my evenings involved. Cake, tea and wool.

My project also accompanied me on a car journey. I fell in love with this vertigated yarn. The colour changes just seemed to gently creep up on you without you realising. 

And finally, after 2 evenings and 1 car journey  my scarf was finished. It just seemed to cascade off the hook. No joining, no blocking, just one scarf all ready to be used. A quick search through my Grandma's old button box and I found the perfect button to add to the tie.

I think I need more unplanned projects in my life.


  1. Denise that is beautiful. It truly is

  2. Lovely colours - am doing a striped scarf for someone for Christmas that is in a similar colour way alternated with another self striper - do love the colours