Monday, 11 November 2013

The Date Night

So Saturday was a night for Mr C and I to escape courtesy of Head and Shoulders. They had provided us with pre date night pamper products, funds for our date and all we had to do was sort out a baby sitter and decide where we wanted to go.

Just choosing the venue was exciting. Drooling over menus and deciding where to go. We opted for a nice restaurant in a nearby village that used to be an old flour mill. We haven’t been to in several years. It was also the restaurant where we got engaged so it holds special memories for us.

The date night preparations were just as exciting as the actual date. I managed to stagger the preparations over the course of the whole day (its amazing how many chores wet nails can get you out of!).

Two or three years ago I didnt wear dresses, my confidence has improved with age, I am now less self conscious about getting my legs out. (I am not sure its a goof thing that my dresses are getting shorter as I get older?)

I don’t think I have ever taken so long to get ready. I even attempted false eyelashes

What do you think? Not bad for a first time?

And finally I was ready. I got an "oooooh" from Munchie and a "you look pretty" from Snaffles. That will do me. 

What do you think? Is he likely to accept my invitation in for coffee at the end of the night?

Taking the time to plan outfits, choose jewellery and nail varnishes etc  and taking that bit of extra time and attention to spend on myself for the benefit of our date night was great and the anticipation for the night ahead had us both excited for our evening together. Outfits we had shared together for special occasions, perfume that had been worn at our wedding, these little added touches that to most people would mean nothing were private memories we had shared together.

We had a proper giggle like we were 17 again and didn’t mention the children once. The food was AMAZING and we pigged out in style. I am not sure an a la carte restaurant is really the place to decide to attempt sharing 3 desserts between the two of you but who cares. In years gone by I would have been too self conscious and worried about ordering more desserts than people but I was happy, and enjoying myself (and possibly tipsy).

I really wish I could share some pictures of the food with you all but the only rule for date night was – No Phones so no tweeting. We did sneak this one in though whilst checking phones to ensure the baby sitter was ok. 

And at the end of the night there was a very love drunk, slightly tipsy and sleepy Snaffles Mummy. 

We loved our Date Night and it made us realise that we really really need to do it more often. Date nights at home are great and can tide us over for so long but we really need to make an effort to go out occasionally. We usually feel bad not spending the date night money on family activities but we are beginning to realise how well spent the money would be if spent on a night out for the two of us. 

The cost of our date night was covered by Head and Shoulders. We had a great night and are very grateful for our evening out together.

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  1. Sounds like it was a worthwhile thing to do. Glad you enjoyed it.