Monday, 24 February 2014

52 Weeks Of Granny - Week 8

Week 8 almost slipped my mind. It has been half term here this week and so lots of time has been spent with the children, some extra children or juggling the children with work commitments.  I do love half term but it does mean less time to myself.

My craft time this week has mainly occurred after they are in bed or whilst Munchie is napping.

Here is my square for this week.

And the progress so far.

Not many squares completed but lots of circles in progress.

I tend to work up 15 circles (that’s how many colours I have) and then once they are done the joining can continue.

But look at the back, the contented feeling of NO ENDS TO SEW IN is amazing. Oh continuous joining method, how I do love thee.

30 squares completed
90 squares remaining

The other crochet item taking up my time this week was a project which had been abandoned for a while. My quite contrary shawl.  However, it has now been picked up, shown some love and completed. Despite being the most intricate and complicated piece I have ever attempted. I have fallen in love with it. 



  1. Wow love the look of that so far!! I'm having granny square envy as just learning myself at the moment :)

  2. All of it is just beautiful! Awesome work :)

  3. Gorgeous Work! I love that pattern. I may just do that for a blanket to work for my three hour class.

  4. O by the way, this is krt016 from ravelry. So you don't worry about a random person finding it or whatnot.