Tuesday, 4 February 2014


The children were delighted that we were recently sent a copy of JUSTIN and the Knights of Valour. We were sent a copy before the release date which Snaffles thought was the coolest thing ever.

“Join Justin on a quest to follow his heart…  Produced by ANTONIO BANDERAS and featuring the voice talent of an all-star cast JUSTIN AND THE KNIGHTS OF VALOUR is a charming, animated adventure full of fun characters that will be loved by families.

Young Justin lives in a kingdom without knights! He dreams of following in his Grandfather’s footsteps and becoming one of the famed Knights of Valour but his father wants him to settle down to a life without adventure. Inspired by his Grandmother Justin decides to follow his heart and embarks upon a daring quest to become a knight by himself.

Along the way he meets a host of entertaining characters including the beautiful and feisty Talia, a quirky wizard called Melquiades, a very serious monk and the handsome Sir Clorex, who teach and test him in the ancient ways of the Knights of Valour.   Justin’s newfound skills are called upon all too soon when a banished knight returns to the kingdom and threatens to destroy it.

Starring the voice talents of Antonio Banderas, Freddie Highmore, Saoirse Ronan, Charles Dance, Mark Strong, Olivia Williams, Rupert Everett, Julie Walters, Tamsin Egerton, Alfred Molina and David Walliams JUSTIN AND THE KNIGHTS OF VALOUR." 

One wet Friday afternoon after school we snuggled up with blankets and sweets and sat down to watch this film.

Munchie is only just getting to an age where he will sit and watch a whole film. This one kept him well engaged and he sat and watched it all.

Snaffles thoughts on the film were;
Did you like the film?: It was awesome and funny
Would you watch it again?: Yes

It seems that both boys loved the film. It didn’t have any of the jokes that have us adults laughing like other recent films have but it kept both boys engaged and giggling so that is good enough for me.

Justin is rather cute too dont you think?


You can order your own copy here or visit their website

Now onto the exciting part…..


I have 3 copies of this DVD to give away to my lovely blog readers. A perfect prize to win in time for Half Term.