Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Fingerprint Thank You Cards

Snaffles has recently had a birthday and so thank you cards needed sending. He is 7 now and I felt that he was old enough to be involved in the making and writing of them rather than the burden falling on me. 

He sat and wrote the notes inside and it was then time to decorate the fronts. 

I have had some fingerprint art pinned on Pinterest for a while now and thought they would good to try on the thank you cards. 

You will need; 

  • card
  • ink pads (or homemade paint/pads - see below)
  • handwriting ink pen
  • fingers
  • bowl of clean water/baby wipes for cleaning fingers as you go.
There are a variety of paints you can use, special fingerprint kits etc, or you can make your own. There are some recipes here and here.

I had several ink pads from stamping sets so we used these for our fingerprinting but i like the idea of making our own next time and having more colour options available. 

Snaffles chose which ones he wanted to recreate and set about putting some fingerprints on the card. 

They don't look like much until you add the details to them

Once dried I added some pen marks to complete the detailing on the designs and also added "thank you" on the front. We left the writing the "Thank You" until the end so that Snaffles didn't have to be quite as careful about where he made his prints. 

The pen detail was easy enough to add so I would let him tackle this again himself next time. 

I love that we managed to make these entirely from supplies we already had in the house so they didn't cost us a penny. 

We will be making more of these for other occasions/events as they were very fun to make. 

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