Monday, 28 July 2014

A Nothing Day

Sometimes the most perfect days are the nothing days. The days when you have absolutely no plans and take the day as it comes at you.

Saturday was one of those days for us. We had no plans at all. We had the odd few bits that we wanted to get sorted over the weekend but we had no commitment to do them on a certain day.

Saturday mornings start with an early morning swimming lesson for Snaffles. The sun was shining, Mr C was heading to work for the morning so we got the bikes out and cycled to Snaffles swimming lesson.

Snaffles has  been so close to getting loved up a group for a while now and on Saturday he finally achieved it. When his teacher sent him up to the next group for his lesson his whole face was one big smile.

By the time he finished his lesson he had his Stage 3 badge and his 10m badge (although when we got home we realised we had been given the wrong badge).  They have their lessons in an adult pool, with a depth of 2 metres, so there is no putting your feet down for a quick rest here.  I think that because of this they are more cautious about rushing the children through the swimming stages and they have to be strong swimmers to move through the various stages.

Our next stop on the bikes was to the local library to join the summer reading challenge. Munchie isn’t technically old enough to participate but the lovely librarians had sticker charts so that the younger ones could take part too. 

Snaffles would take the maximum number of books out every time if we let him. He loves a good fact book, how to draw books and will read a variety of story books. Munchie on the other hand is only interested in one type of book….. books about tractors. He would have the same book out every time if we let him. However, given that I already had an extra 2.5 stone child on the back of my bike I wasn’t in a hurry to have a mountain of books so we agreed that they would each choose 3 (small) books.

I spent the rest of the morning sat in the sun writing menu plans and to do lists and Munchie was introduced to a cup of water and a paintbrush. He LOVED it. He very rarely focuses on one activity for very long at all but he was mesmerised with his water and brush and painted everything he could reach. 

Mr C came home with the urge to BBQ so we combined a BBQ food shopping trip with one of the jobs we needed to do this weekend which was to kit Snaffles out in some clothes suitable for football training as he is spending 5 sessions with the local football club for an out of school club over the summer holidays. He is made up with his “football kit”. He does not care that it isn’t a certain team/country, he is just happy to have a kit to play around in and some football shoes. Hats off to Sports Direct for value for money on the football outfit hunt, we got a whole outfit for around £28.00.

Once we were back home it was time for paddling pools, football, general kind of crazy playing that only seems to happen when daddy is involved.

There was some very lovely BBQ food and I did a very good job of avoiding to have to do pretty much anything else for the rest of the day and sat back and enjoyed one of the books on my summer reading list.

A little bit of imagination from Mr C and he managed to construct a nice shady den for the boys to eat their dinner in. My blonde haired blue eyed boys might be cute but I have to be very careful with all of this sun.

When did my small people get so big, grown up and self sufficient though? 

(My barely 3 year old little man doesn't need mummy for this) 

I must ensure we have more nothing days again soon.

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  1. You just cant beat a good old nothing day. Unplanned. Spontaneous. Great fun :-)